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Occurred : 8/7/1999 17:00 (Entered as : 8/07/99 17:00)
Reported: 10/12/2011 1:27:22 PM 13:27
Posted: 10/19/2011
Location: New York City (Manhattan), NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4-5 minutes
Black Tetrahedron Pyramid UFO in plain daylight over New York City.

Black Tetrahedron Pyramid UFO This sighting occurred back in August 7, 1999. On that particular Saturday mid-afternoon day. A friend and I decided to take a walk down to Riverbank State Park on 145th Manhattan, NY. We've been there a few times before since he lived and worked at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital a few blocks north from there. It was our favorite place to hang out and just enjoy the scenery. From that park you could see over to New Jersey, The George Washington Bridge, and Downtown and basically up the Hudson River valley as well on a clear day. My friend and I got to the park and walked all the way down to the south corner of the park next to the basketball courts act... We sat down on the benches right next to the rail facing the Hudson River. We spoke about work, family, daily normal everyday things, act....

At one point during our conversation I stood up and walked next to the rail and leaned against the rail with my back towards the Hudson River. My friend lay down on the bench and we kept talking until I for some strange reason looked up and noticed 3 or 4 "star-liked" objects just hovering motionless to the east of where i was standing. I asked my friend to stand up and see something strange up in the sky and so he did. He told me something around, "Oh what those stars there," but then he told me "it's weird we're not supposed to see stars that bright during the day". Then I told him that they’re probably satellites or even balloons and we just basically brush it off and kept talking about other stuff. We stood there for a few more hours. Then around 5:00pm or so we decided to go get something to eat at a nearby McDonalds and basically started walking back north to exit the park. As we were walking north right beside the river I noticed again for some strange reason what looked like a "Black" dot in the sky. It stood out to me because the sky was completely blue no clouds, haze nothing. This object was hovering motionless near the Manhattan side of the G.W.Bridge precisely on top or near 3 tall buildings used by Columbia Presbyterian Hospital as dorms for medical students or something my friend told me. He knew since like I said he worked at the hospital in the Administration Dept. I found it very odd so I ask my friend to walk fast to nearby sight-seeing binoculars that they have in that park to see over to New Jersey, G. W. Bridge act… At the same time that I was walking I was looking in my jeans pocket for 50 cents to paid in order to use the binoculars and happens to be that I had precisely that 2 quarters so I got to the machine put the money and first located the G.W. Bridge since it was the biggest thing, then located the 3 buildings nearby and then moved the binoculars a little up from the buildings and lord behold there was the “Black! Dot” which wasn’t really a “Black Dot” but a Black Tetrahedro! n Pyramid Object sitting motionless on an angle right on top of one of the buildings.

This object was completely black. It had not markings what so ever, no symbols, letters, windows, and doors I mean nothing. It was just black sort of "gun metal black." The only thing that had in each bottom corners was plasma-like circular lights. These lights emanated some sort of heat. Sort of like the sun, yes they reminded me of the sun. It was like it had 3 suns in each corner. The object also didn’t rotate or nothing it was just there motionless. At that point I was just ecstatic in a euphoric state debating whether I was seeing this or if it was all in my mind. I quickly turn to my friend which was standing right next to me asking me what was what I was seeing. Why I was reacting the way I was reacting. I told him you have to see this come so I let him used the binoculars and told him where to look so he did but he couldn’t see find it. I looked with my eyes to see if I saw the black dot but it just vanish as quickly as it appeared. The rest of the day we just spoke about what had happened.

I almost forgot to mention that prior to seen the triangle I had seen a black helicopter pass us by when we were walking towards the binoculars to see what the black dot was. This army type helicopter was really low to the river. I found that very odd. This particular sighting is just one of many sightings I have had since childhood.