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Occurred : 10/2/2011 04:50 (Entered as : 10/02/2011 04:50)
Reported: 10/13/2011 12:36:43 AM 00:36
Posted: 10/19/2011
Location: Alligator Alley, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
Blinking Light on I-75

This incident occurred on Interstate 75 going from Naples to Miami on Sunday October 02, 2011, around 4:50 am. If memory serves me correct, I was past the midway point from exit 80 to exit 49.

I am the only witness that I know of.

That morning, I drove past electric banners displaying messages for me to slow down. At some point, I noticed a blinking white light off in the distance. I thought it might have been a light pole or one of those radio towers. However, radio tower lights are usually red in color and light poles usual don't blink on and off.

Next I assumed it was some kind of special speed sensor. Anyone who's been on i-75 knows there are banners posted along the entire interstate cautioning drivers to slow down. As it was still dark out, I couldn't see the banners until right before I passed them, naturally I drove the speed limit.

Lost in thought and what seemed like forever, I realize that I didn't seem to gain any sort of distance on the blinking light. I became slightly curious as to why and what kind of light this was, as there is none on the highway and certainly none I have seen behaving like that.

I sped up to 90mph out of curiosity so I could slow down when I approached the light. As I gained distance, I leaned forward to look up and what I saw was a "triangular shaped object" with lots of light patterns that looked like they were from the movie Tron. There were lines of light and half circle patterned lights connecting the lines. The object in question was VERY detailed from my perspective and it could not be too far off the ground. Perhaps 50-100 feet? The sight of the object covered one quarter of my sight from the driver's point of view. I slowed down dramatically and looked at my dog in disbelief. I looked up again to confirm what I was seeing. Then I looked behind me to see if there were any cars behind me... which there wasn't. Instead, I quickly scanned in front of me for cars... and there were none either. I looked up again and it was gone.

I slowed down to 45 mph while keeping my eyes peeled and waited for the blinking to happen. There were no signs; it simply vanished. There were no such audible noises either.

I find it hard to believe how the object projected a blinking light because the lights I saw were underneath the craft (which seemed flat) and while I had my eyes on them, they did not blink. I'm not sure if there were lights on the side or on top that caused the blinking. From a distance, the blinking appeared to be bright, steady, and fading in and out at 3-5 second intervals.

Also note, my car did not experience any interference and my dog did not behave strangely. I do not believe the craft to be malicious? I googled my experience and have not seen a report of lights simular to what I saw that morning.

I am positive what I saw is not an aircraft. I am in the military and have worked on an aircraft carrier for 5 years and I still work at an air station. I know what aircrafts look like at night, how they take off and how they land. I know how helos look like, how they look in the air at night, how they take off and land. I've seen hundreds of aircrafts and their associated behaviors. I don't know what this object is though. I hope someone can shed some light on this report. I'm interested to find out more. Before I forget, I'm also hesitant to drive i-75 at night anymore, but next time I'm out there, I'll bring a camera.