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Occurred : 10/14/2011 19:41 (Entered as : 10/14/11 19:41)
Reported: 10/14/2011 8:41:44 PM 20:41
Posted: 10/19/2011
Location: Golden Valley, AZ
Shape: Oval
Duration:3 or 4 seconds
A cluster of bright lights shot across the sky at high rate of speed

October 14, 2011, Location- Golden Valley, AZ east side of the valley elevation about 3300 ft Time- 7:41 PM Skies extremely clear with slight wispy while clouds At About 7:40 PM I walked outside to the patio with my boyfriend to have a cigarette with him.

Shortly after sitting down, the motion porch light went out and the beautiful star filled skies took our breath away. At that very moment, looking to the west, I saw a large cluster of 6 or 7 lights, each light being comparable to the size of a large star, brackish white in color, shoot across the sky with a trail, at an unbelievable rate of speed The approximate time was 3 or 4 seconds of travel, then as if a light switch was turned off the lights went completely dark.

I could see darkness around each light, but the lights were close together, like a piece of Swiss cheese.

The object seemed to be at about a 45 degree angle from where I was sitting and traveled from south to north or slightly north east.