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Occurred : 10/13/2011 23:38 (Entered as : 10/13/11 23:38)
Reported: 10/20/2011 6:24:57 AM 06:24
Posted: 10/25/2011
Location: Homestead, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:30 minutes
Bright white sphere coming out of unusual single storm cloud.

On October 13, 2011 at aproximately 23:38 hours I went out of my home to walk my tree small dogs when I noticed a strange single storm cloud that was at aproximately 45 degree angle north-east from my position. I had my I Phone with me and so I started taking pictures as the lightning inside the storm was unusually fast and colored. It had an aproximately 10 lightning flashes per second with no sound. I called my wife and instead of keep on taking pictures I start recording the event. It lasted about a half an hour. When there was almost no more flashing I observed as a white bright flashing sphere came out of the storm cloud and then split in two white bright spheres. They hover after geting out of the storm cloud for about 10 seconds and then changed course from south to north in a fraction of a second. I am a Law Enforcement Officer and a retired military Infantry Combat Team member and I have seen about all the military has in its arsenal and this does n! ot resemble anything I have seen before. I have photos and footage.