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Occurred : 10/20/2011 00:00 (Entered as : 10/20/11 10)
Reported: 10/20/2011 9:13:09 PM 21:13
Posted: 10/25/2011
Location: Katy, TX
Shape: Disk
bright light and 2 flying saucers over Katy Texas

I reported this activity yesterday but it was removed. I am going to do it one more time. There is a very large, bright light that starts in the lower mid sky over Katy Texas. I see it by 9 pm every night for over a week. It is moving very slowly but by midnight it is directly over the roof of our house. By morning, it has moved behind our houses. By 9:30, I can see two saucer shaped crafts in the distant sky. One is on the left of the bright light and the other on the right. Both have blinking white and some red lights. They are moving, floating, not sure what to call it, but all over the sky in that area. By 11 pm, the one on the left side has moved closer and lower in the sky. I can clearly see the shape and the lights by then. By midnight, the craft on the left is close enough to see that it is a saucer. It looks like it is floating side to side, lights blinking. The craft that is on the right is farther out but by 12am, it has moved closer in too. I ca! n see that it has the same shape as the one on the left. They both have blinking lights. While and red. I can clearly see the shape by midnight. I can see the bottom after midnight. Early in the morning, you can see that both crafts and they are very close to that bright light. I know this sounds crazy, but I have four neighbors that have seen it too. I can walk to my back door now, and see this.