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Occurred : 10/21/2011 08:00 (Entered as : 10-21-11 8:00)
Reported: 10/21/2011 6:05:57 PM 18:05
Posted: 10/25/2011
Location: Burnsville, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:15 minutes
Changin Lights in the Sky!

We are in the Black Mountains of Western North Carolina.My wife and I were walking east to west around 8 pm . we saw a bright color changing light in the north/west sky. It was the brightest thing in the sky. a little bigger than the brightest star.8:00 PM we arrived home and viewed the object with binoculars for 15 minutes. It changed from red to white to green and seemed to change shape at times.We phoned our friends, about 6 miles to the west of us ,thinking they would be closer to the object.They observed the object as we did. We stayed on the phone with each other for a few minutes conferming what we were seeing. We saw the same thing . 15 minutes later it ''blinked '' out , gone. it is a cold clear night . planes flying around the area. This object seemed stationary.