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Occurred : 10/22/2011 22:00 (Entered as : 10/22/11 22:00)
Reported: 10/23/2011 7:10:26 AM 07:10
Posted: 10/25/2011
Location: West Columbia, SC
Shape: Formation
Duration:3 minutes
50-100 "stars" flying in a line across the sky, almost like a close up constellation.

My buddies and I were plugging a tire in his driveway at around 9-10ish at night. We're just about to put the tire back on when one says HEY COME HERE! I thought he was joking because he was so serious. I look up in the sky and it looked like 50-100 stars clustered together in a line. Not a specific formation or anything just a line of about 50-100 stars. They were no brighter or dimmer than any other star in the sky. I thought we were looking at some phenomenal constellation or something but stars just aren't that prevalent where we are. These stars moved at about the speed of far far far away airplane. They flickered (not flashed) but flickered like stars would. Then they floated or flew behind a tree about 3 minutes later. There were no dramatic movements of this formation just all going in one direction. I couldnt stop saying "What the f*ck is that?" If I had to conspiracy theorize about ufo's it looked like 50-100 ufos scouting just outside our atmosphe! re. Honestly the weirdest thing Ive ever seen in the sky. 3 of us saw it and I still honestly have no idea what it was we saw.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))