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Occurred : 10/19/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 10/19/11 21:00)
Reported: 10/25/2011 3:01:14 PM 15:01
Posted: 10/25/2011
Location: Brown City, MI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:45 min
Orange Orbs Nightly In MI

I am former aircrew in the US Air Force. My husband is currently aircrew in the US Air Force. We both have exceptional vision, and are trained observers of areal phenomena… For the last few months, we have observed multiple orange orbs maneuvering over, what we think is the Pontiac area of Michigan. The orbs move back in fourth in the sky, and periodically dim to black. Sometimes they flash between white and red, or vanish instantly. These orbs are extremely bright. We began noticing them regularly, over the past month. We first started seeing them periodically, back in July.

On July 9th (approximate date), four of these orange orbs moved directly over our house at about 1,000 ft. They moved slowly and silently. Three stayed in a triangle formation, while the fourth flew behind, varying its direction, just below the others. After moving above us, they slowly dimmed, and appeared as black spheres.

We have been watching for them nightly, and we are able to see them between 3-5 nights out of the week.

We only have a few good pictures, as we don’t have a camera able to take good night photos, and lately, we’ve been seeing them much farther away.

My husband has made every effort to debunk these objects as celestial phenomena, however, he cannot do so. A few nights ago, we witnessed these objects in their usual place, moving back and fourth in the southern sky, just above the horizon. When my husband went to work at 5am Saturday morning, he saw them maneuvering in various formations in the distance. He watched them until they were obscured by trees.

These objects are not leaving the area. Someone with the resources needs to investigate this further. I have never heard of UFOs hovering over an area for such a prolonged time. So far, we have had up to 7 witnesses to this phenomena at a single time, all of whom I believe, are willing to discuss the sightings.

These objects are extremely brilliant; just as bright as Jupiter appears in the sky, if not brighter. They are not stars or planets, and they are not any recognizable aircraft.