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Occurred : 6/27/1997 00:00 (Entered as : 062797 0:00)
Reported: 10/26/2011 3:53:31 AM 03:53
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Helena, MT
Shape: Unknown
I didn't believe in UFO abduction until it happened to me.

I woke up six months after I had participated in finding a downed plane in the Angela, Montana area. What was unusual about that event is that I established a grid pattern outside of the FAA grid pattern and the people who came with me to search in the Angela area found the plane only hours after we started that day. The FAA led search had been fruitless until that seventh day when people were finally willing to listen to me. I am a sensitive and was led to the area the plane was found by the dead pilot.

Six months later, I am floating in the air with this white R2D2 type unit shining in my bedroom under some sort of white beam of light. I realize I am paralyzed. These probe type things snake out and attach to my head. I cannot speak. My husband is dead asleep. I can only scream telepathically, "In Jesus name, you will let me go! I command you to let me go ..." Hey, it had worked on what I perceived to be ghouls before.

The white unit said, "Sleep. You will sleep..." in this hypnotic voice. I told him to go to hell. I was wide awake and we went back and forth while I commanded the thing in the name of the Eloihim and all angels to let me go. I seemed to be floating above my bed almost to the ceiling with seven things that were making this weird hum noise attached to my head. This goes on for some time and the mechanical voice keeps saying, "Sleep ..." Suddenly, a new voice starts to speak to the angry and freaked out me who is eloquently telepathically telling this robot thing off, and it is a non-robotic, female voice. She calms me down. I ask her why they are doing this to me. She says, "We have heard about what you did in Jordan (the town larger than Angela) and we have come to see why you can operate on such a high frequency with your mind." I get very calm. I end up losing time. I don't know anything for a time with this humming noise taking over in my brain. She informs me they are done. I ask her what they found. She replies, "You are ... a secret weapon." I am a pacifist and am very disappointed by this conclusion.

I find myself tucked back into my bed and my husband still won't wake up. I am freaking, but I go back to sleep, still feeling paralyzed. I wake up, record the 'dream'. What is so strange about this is I don't believe in UFOs at all at this time. I have a first cousin who claims she was abducted on Lolo Pass and I have always thought her a nut. I talk to my husband only about this for years because I am confused to the core over 'the dream'.

As a sensitive, I talk to dead people. Unfortunately, the ETs are making my life too complicated. They put things into my dreams and I don't like it. I feel like I'm in some Star Trek episode some nights. There are definitely a variety of them. They seem to be extra dimensional. I prefer a world view that includes my dead mother talking to me or a dead actor telling me he was murdered over these others who are coming through star gates or portals, Even the little demon type beings are easier for me. I'm scared of being abducted again. I'm not afraid of no ghosts.