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Occurred : 7/1/1952 15:00 (Entered as : 7/1/1952 15:00)
Reported: 10/26/2011 2:26:42 PM 14:26
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Sebeka, MN
Shape: Other
Duration:30 min
Silver donut shape object sighted over rural Minnesota

((NUFORC Note: We presume that this is intended as a serious report, but we can't be certain that is the case. We have attempted to contact the source of the report, but unsuccessfully. PD))

WAY DOWN YONDER IN THE CUCUMBER PATCH Excitement loomed over the ((name deleted)) farm one spring when dad landed a contract with the local pickle factory in town. Eagerly the ground was tilled with the team of work horses, Duke and Babe, pulling the one bottom plow through the fertile ground. I believe dad had set aside about 10 acres of which we planted all into cucumbers. I may be wrong about the number of acres but I do know it was a huge amount. After turning the soil, a harrow was hitched behind the horses and dad went round and round, back and forth, over and over the field until the soil was loosened sufficiently for planting. Each seed was placed carefully in mounds of soil by hand until the entire field was sowed. I’m sure silent prayers were also uttered to the heavenly Father that he would bless this endeavor. Anxiously we awaited the first sign of sprouts to poke their green heads from their graves. The weather was perfect. Gentle rain from heaven sprinkled at the opportune time. Delightedly, one morning as ! we gazed out over the terrain, we saw a miracle had taken place overnight. God had awoken those seeds and the field was covered with pale green sprouts everywhere. Each day we could see the progress of their growth as they grew larger and larger. Along with the planted cucumber seeds there also grew tares in the field. Dutifully, we shouldered our garden hoes each day to attack the formidable foe. Countless hours were spent on our knees carefully pulling weeds from around the delicate and precious vegetation. The promise of wages when the cucumbers were sold kept us at task.

After weeks of heavy toil, the plants began to blossom and beautiful yellow flowers blanketed the landscape. Shortly thereafter the blooms began to wither and tiny stubs appeared where the flowers had been. Every morning we hurried to the patch to see how quickly they grew. The day finally arrived when dad said, “start picking.” How exciting it was. Now we were going to benefit from the fruits of our la! bors and bring them to market. Visions of $$$$$ danced in my head. I w as going to be rich!!!! It was a tedious task. They needed to be picked every day. They could only be a certain size, not bigger or smaller. Every day they needed to be brought to the pickle factory in town. I began to be weary of this job, but I continued to labor knowing I would soon have some money of my own.

One day tiring of pick, pick, picking pickles, I laid down on my back between the rows, put my hands behind my head and rested for awhile. As I gazed up at the cloudless, clear blue sky, my eyes were attracted to something directly above. The sun was glinting off an object that was silver in color. It looked like a donut in the sky because I could see the blue sky through the hole in the middle. I lay there and watched for a very long time and it kind of frightened me because I had not seen anything like it before. Prior to this, in my life, I had not ever seen anything in the skies other than clouds and birds. It would be years later when I saw an airplane for the first time. I am unable to place a size or put a distance to this object but I recall that it stayed stationary for perhaps a half hour and then suddenly it was gone. What was it? UFO? Dad returned from town one day and proudly offered his closed fist to me. Holding my hand, he placed a $10.00 bill into it. Wow!!! $10.00!!! All my own!!! All my hard labor over the summer was worth it. Now I could buy whatever I wanted and there was more to come. The harvest was about half over when dad returned from selling the days harvest. With a long face he told us the pickle factory would no longer purchase any cucumbers from us because they had discovered some type of blight in them. Visions of becoming wealthy quickly dissipated. Oh, well, I still had my $10.00. Before I had a chance to go to town, my mother pleadingly asked me if she could borrow the money to buy some food. Reluctantly, I relinquished my treasure and I never saw it again. Times were very difficult in those days and even if I grudgingly gave up my hard earned cash, I knew she wouldn’t have asked for it if she didn’t really need it.

Note: After I wrote this story about 60 years later, my older brother and one of my older sisters told me they also remember the object, just the same as I described it.