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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/20/2004 22:25 (Entered as : 07/20/04 22:25)
Reported: 10/27/2011 12:15:54 PM 12:15
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Hays (Canada), AB
Shape: Light
Duration:20 min
Two perplexing light/energy events within 20 minutes of each other. No objects/crafts seen.

A report on events experienced by myself in late July of 2004 near Hays, Alberta, Canada. I do not remember the exact day any more. Time of event was between 10:25 pm and 11:00 pm (so after dark) and the sky was overcast. My own position was roughly 50°04’20.91” N, 111°45’37.62” W (on Google Earth, if you wish to see the area).

These events were documented right after I experienced them, but I have since misplaced the paper I wrote on. I did not know of any organizations that I could report this case to, though I’ve told about three other people since it happened. In general, what I experienced were two separate and distinct events that appeared to be the effects of a release of energy of some kind. I did not see the source(s) of the energy release(s).

The narrative of events: I was working (for my third summer of employment) on a grazing lease near Hays. My job was to maintain and operate the pivot irrigation equipment on the lease land. I was about to retire for the night when I remembered that I needed to check on a pair of pivots, through which we were spreading fertilizer, to make sure they were still running. I took the farm truck to the site (the coordinates given above) and checked on the fertilizer feed (the pumps were still running). As the fertilizer was almost gone, I sat in the truck to calculate how much longer it would last so I would know when to close the fertilizer feed (looking at my watch at this point, it was around 22:25 local time).

Upon finishing my calculations, I closed the door (which I had kept open for the cab light) and looked up through the windshield in time to see a dull red spot of light in the clouds to the south and a little west. The spot expanded, becoming a ring of the same red light, and continued to spread across or, more appropriately, through the clouds like a wave created by a stone dropped into water. As the edge of the ring passed overtop of me, both pumps were shut off (they were electric). The time from first seeing the spot to the edge of the ring passing over me was 2 to 4 seconds. I heard no sound that I did not recognize and assume that there was no sound to accompany the red light ring.

After wondering at this for a couple more seconds I got out of the truck and turned the pumps back on. Having to prime them manually, this took roughly 15 minutes. As I opened the truck door again to get in, my attention was turned to a little south of east, where I saw a bright flash of light that seemed to come up from the ground, its source hidden by the hill between me and it. This time the light was bright white nearer to the ground and was shaped like a beam from a spotlight pointing straight up. Higher in the sky, but well below the clouds (probably less than 300 ft) the white light became blue, then purple before becoming too dispersed to see. This light event took place in a split second and gave me the impression that there had been some kind of large electrical spark or a small, contained explosion, which would be a cause for concern as there are oil wells and a storage area or processing station in the vicinity of where the light seemed to come from. Again,! the light was not accompanied by any kind of sound, except that of the pumps surging, as if the electricity had been affected by this light or its source.

I waited for two or three minutes to see if anything else would happen and to make sure the pumps continued to run. Then I set out in the truck to investigate the area where the oil wells are, but being already low on fuel and not seeing anything amiss on the other side of the hill, I went back to my bunk, definitely feeling “weirded out” by the experience.

The next morning, I told my boss about the second light I saw (but not the first) to see if he knew who monitored the oil wells. He did, and he called them, but they reported no irregularities in their operation and no-one from their company was around that night. Going past the oil well sites to check on other pivots, I noticed nothing different. The pumps where I was the night before were still running when I checked that morning, so it would seem nothing else happened after I left.

I’ve never heard of anyone else seeing something similar, but would like to know if anyone has or if anyone knows the causes of either case.