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Occurred : 10/22/2011 03:15 (Entered as : 10/22/11 3:15)
Reported: 10/30/2011 1:26:29 PM 13:26
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Wausau, WI
Shape: Oval
Duration:45 minutes
3 "headlights" and 1 red light on the "back". It was a metallic chrome with hardly any sound, very slow and low to the ground

Alright, so around 3:15am CST on (Oct. 22nd, 2011) In Wausau, WI. I was laying in my bed facing northeast, when I noticed a very bright light behind my neighbors house (I thought it was them pulling out of their driveway with their brights on), but I didn't have my glasses on so I tried to find them so I could see it better. Once I found them, it was now over my neighbor’s house, in a crop field behind their house. Since these are my only two neighbors and I live in the country, no other cars were on the roads or fields or anything. It seemed that the UFO was right in the field. The object had 3 bright "headlights" and 1 red light on the backside of it. It was somewhat hard to tell the size and shape of it at this time. I then went to wake my mom up, so she could see it too. I had to go lookout my kitchen window which faces northwest so I could see it and we could, since it was moving so slowly. We then decided to go in the car and try to follow it. We got i! nto the car, and got to the end of our street, which is about 50 yards. We got to the end of our street and then I looked up in the sky and noticed it was way up in the sky now, about the normal height to fly an airplane. It was just sitting up there, not moving at all. (Impossible for a plane to do this, and it wasn't a helicopter) We decided to then turn off the car. And then all of a sudden it started coming toward us, very slowly. We stayed in the car until it was directly above us; I then stepped out to see if I could hear it. It was a silent, clear night, and even though the moon was full, it was still extremely bright. The sound could only be heard when it was close to us. It sounded like someone exhaling, not like a normal "engine sound". Once it was past us, now going backward (to the southeast) and still at the same height in the sky. Also, another important note, is that when I first seen it, the headlights were in front, as if it was a car. But when it went of u! s in the opposite direction the 3 lights were now in back of i! t. Since the moon was bright and it was so clear out, I could now see the shape of it and the color due to the reflection of the moon. It was a metallic silver and oval shaped. Its size would probably be close to if you would take two 727 planes and stuck them together and took the wings off, but then made it more oval shape and a little wider. After this we then watched it until it disappeared into the southeastern sky. All in all its pattern that it fly could not be a plane, or satellite. It didn't have any blinking lights under the wings (if it had them) which a plane is required to have. Also, a helicopter is not that quiet and wouldn't be flying like that. I think that's about it though, and that's my experience with a UFO. It all ended at 3:45am.

- I couldn't get any pictures or video. I tried to, but my phone isn't that good, and I don't have a good camera at my house.