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Occurred : 10/18/2011 20:15 (Entered as : 10/18/11 20:15)
Reported: 10/31/2011 9:20:50 AM 09:20
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Morris, IL
Shape: Other
Duration:12 min
Strange object observed in sky near Dresden Nuclear Station, Illinois

Witnessed on Oct. 18th , 2011 Background: Ex-Navy Aircraft Mechanic, Nuclear Reactor Services and Inspections

I was heading East on Pine Bluff Road (North of Coal City, Illinois) about 8:10 pm. It was raining slightly and I noticed what looked like the moon trying to peer through the clouds. As I drove towards the Dresden Nuclear Station it became apparent that this was not the moon.

It looked to be a blimp traveling west and it was ahead of me and to the left. I noticed the “blimp” had a greenish – blue glow around the bottom, a metallic whitish gray just above that and a white glowing dome.

I turned left on North Dresden Rd. The “blimp” was now on my right and we were on a path to intersect.

The strange lighting had my attention and I began questioning whether it really was a blimp. I drove on, keeping an eye on it out of my passenger window. The closer I got, the surer I was that this was no blimp…it was no helicopter… and it was not an airplane! It was moving slowly across the sky and looked to be within a few hundred feet of the ground.

I kept asking myself- “what the hell is that?” out loud… I could clearly see it now. It was only about 300 yards away, but it was now going to pass behind me. I stopped and rolled the window down to get a good look- I saw a somewhat domed top and a flat bottom. It made no sound as it passed within a hundred yards of my car. I would guess it to have been at least 100 feet across, maybe bigger.

I watched as it floated/glided over the road and across the fields on my left. For over a minute I sat and watched, but I had to get in to work so I drove on.

Still watching this object out the window I pulled up to the Security Checkpoint (it had passed within ½ mile of the plant). I asked the guard if he knew of any blimps that may be flying in the area and he said no…I then pointed out the object to him.

The look on his face was enough for me- but he maintained his professional composure and jokingly said…”huh, may be a weather balloon!” After I parked my car I began walking into the plant, still watching this thing in the distance now. I asked a co-worker if he had seen anything in the sky. He told me he really hadn’t looked up so I pointed to the object and it got his attention too. We watched it until it disappeared behind the steam of the cooling towers.

Over the next day or so I found 2 other co-workers who witnessed this event.