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Occurred : 12/1/2011 21:00 (Entered as : 12/01/11 21:00)
Reported: 12/2/2011 1:04:02 AM 01:04
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Seoul (South Korea),
Shape: Light
multiple lights seen by multiple witnesses in Seoul

This is a follow up to the sighting that I reported on November 27th. I told my colleagues about my sighting of an orange ball of light flying low overhead in the middle of the city. It was mostly met with skepticism.

I should also not that I work in the news industry here in Seoul. Well, my coworkers told me about a report yesterday by YTN, which is the biggest 24 hr. news channel in the country. Last night there were multiple sightings of multiple lights moving about the city. The original story is in Korea and is short. I provided a rough translation of the original report.

It’s noteworthy that a channel like YTN does not usually report on events such as UFOs. The fact that there were many lights and witnesses makes this case very interesting. It also adds more credibility to what I saw a few days before. I think my coworkers believe my story more now.

It seems something is going on here in Seoul. I suspect it may be military, maybe some kind of experimental drones to keep an eye on North Korea? Here is a rough translation of the news report.

Files of reports streamed through last night... saying that Seoul residents saw UFOs in different areas of Seoul Multiple lights were seen by many people in Seoul last night... which hovered in the sky.

[Interview: Mr. Ha Haesung, Seoul Resident] I reported as mysterious lights in the sky. I suspect the objects which I saw could be UFO... or something related to..."" Files of reports have been released by ordinary citizens... claiming that they have observed a UFO.

The strange thing is that similar incidents happened in places around Seoul including Yonhee-dong, ahhyeondong, sinsudong, Gongdeok, Chungjeongro, Namdaemun, Hannam-dong, and other places in Seoul simultaneously.

The Air Force confirmed that there was no trainning at that time of night in Seoul... saying the hovering lights were not related to any planes.

UFO experts have seen the light of the problems result, the ground is likely to have been a light in the shot man naenwatseupnida the results of the analysis. (I think they are trying to explain that the lights could have come from the ground…But it really seems unlikely) The military is also turned on the lights in the past as a suspected UFO UFO cases in the past admitted there were times when deda Dawn and I-because she did not reveal features. (Here, I think they are saying the military has shined search lights before)