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Occurred : 12/4/2011 21:17 (Entered as : 12/04/11 21:17)
Reported: 12/4/2011 11:21:51 PM 23:21
Posted: 12/12/2011
Location: Anchorage, AK
Shape: Light
Duration:2 seconds
Point of light appears to fall, maneuvers, vanishes

I was on the deck having a smoke Standing at the east end of the deck Observing the moon and sky and stars and clouds Turned north to change view Saw what at first appeared to be a star (dot of light not quite as bright as Polaris) just slightly west of north

Then it appeared to be falling, for a brief moment I thought it was a meteor But there was no streak And then it leveled for a second, heading west, then inclined slightly, then disappeared, vanished, was no more

That particular area of sky was not obscured by clouds No aircraft in the area Nearest star (not quite as bright) was a little lower in the sky and a little further east of the observed object It stayed put (repost to correct date)