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Occurred : 12/17/2011 18:35 (Entered as : 12/17/11 18:35)
Reported: 12/20/2011 3:52:57 PM 15:52
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Latham, NY
Shape: Diamond
Duration:1 Minute
Large Strange Object in the Sky Above Trees

My brother and I took the dogs out in the evening and I looked up to the sky and noticed a foreign object. I shined my flashlight up towards the sky and saw a large diamond shaped object. It had colored lights around it's border and 2 (two) white spotlights on the front of the craft. The object turned around as if it were searching for the source of the flashlight. The spotlights of the craft lit up the entire backyard as well as 2 of our neighbors yards and houses. The craft was yellow in color. It turned back around after searching back for the source of the light and quickly disappeared into the night. The object was flying very low, just above the treeline in the back yard (approximately 50' off the ground). The object was about the size of a baseball field, in length and width. It had a center hump on the object. When the object disappeared there was nothing more than a small cloud of smoke. The object made no noise what so ever but when the spotlights on the object searched the grounds it made a "pshhh" sound. The grass didn't even look green, it appeared dead from the brightness of the lights.