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Occurred : 10/14/2011 19:45 (Entered as : 10/14/11 19:45)
Reported: 12/22/2011 8:04:28 AM 08:04
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Clinton Township, MI
Shape: Oval
Duration:45 minutes
Multple oval amber orange solid translucent objects appearing to be leaving Earth in the same pattern.

I'm not sure when it started, but I got home at 7:45pm, saw them as soon as I got out of the car. I can't believe more people haven't come forward to report it, it was like nothing I've ever seen. I got out of the car, grabbed my clipboard and seen lights passing through the trees. I went up stairs to our third floor apt. I got to be honest, it was kind of frightening. I went in and called out to my wife to out on our balcony, she tried to tell me they were planes, I told her plane planes aren't orange amber, they have blinking lights, etc... she went to the bedroom to look again, because she didn't want to be on the balcony; cold. I called 911 to report it, the operator said, "maybe their the presidents planes" (The President was in the Metro area that day, but he left at 4:00pm accord to Fox news I spoke with as well.) I told the operator how many I was looking at, and he said he hasn't heard anything. When the 911 operator answered my call, he answ! ered, "Clinton Township Police & 911, whats..." I recalled that, so I asked him if he was in Clinton twp., he said yes, so I told to look out the window to the south west, he claims he did, and seen nothing, I asked him how can he not see that, he hung up. My wife, now with a warm view, could see it as well. They were oval translucent orange amber color, solid. When looking out over next buildings roof, and in the distant s.w. sky, there was a lot of them, they appeared to be coming up from the ground, then at a certain point leveled off from west to east, then went up on a 45 degree angle upwards to the southeast, and gone. If you were to put my view of what I was seeing in a screen shot, there was a group of twenty to twenty five all together, with two here, and three or four to the right, and five or six to the up left of them, etc. All in a group going in one direction, but not a conformed group, kind of a scatter pattern, but the group followed a pattern. They'd! pop up, level, 45, and gone. Then the next group scattered d! ifferent ly, but follow the same pattern. I called news, nothing, called the selferidge air national guard base, as it is five minutes from me, couldn't get through, I did the next day, they claim nothing was on radar, and no reports. I had no way to record, or take a picture then; I do now! I did try to take a pic with my phone, but nothing appeared; range,I think. I then looked more up to see if I could see anything more, and I noticed way up to the south east, which would have put them in plain view of the base, by the way; I seen four stationary ones just sitting there. They were in a box pattern. Then I noticed the top two seemed to be fading, and the two bottom slowly slide up, and two from departing group would now take the bottom two box spot. After 15 minutes eight groups went by, of the big wave, you know the 20-25, started to decrease in size numerically to groups approx. 10, then 5, 4,3,2. Then about 8:10pm to 8:30pm solo objects, on the same pattern of pop, level,! 45, & gone. I got some of my neighbors attention, of the ones that were home, but they don't speak English. I called everyone, and anyone, no one, nothing. By the way, the air base gave me a direct number if it ever occurs again.