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Occurred : 1/1/1997 21:00 (Entered as : 01/01997 21:00)
Reported: 12/23/2011 9:46:41 PM 21:46
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Cayce, SC
Shape: Unknown
Jesus and Aliens 2012

I was seeing something in my hallway yet it was more of an image or spirit. Matter of fact there were 3 of them together. One short, one medium and one that was taller than the two. They looked in on me and ducked out of sight as I looked to see them. Just out of sight. I never got up to even investigate. I knew they were only spirits. Yet much like the aliens we see on TV. So a night or two of visits and I just prayed and rolled over as I might if a demon or something was around. I knew faith was my only protection. Then the taller one on the third night came in my room just before time to sleep. I rolled over but watched him as he came around the end of the bed. He took the image of a device or sensor and stuck it in my knee. My body went paralyzed for a brief. Like an epidural shot. So I just waited until I felt ok. No real problem since he left right after that. Never opening any doors just appeared in my place. The next night the little on came up to t! he side of the bed nearest to my head and I could see him but like always knew he was in spirit form so I’d never be able to touch him or defend myself besides faith. He got up kind of close, about a foot, if even that much from me and said the word”THC”. I smoked right much marijuana back then so it wasn’t a surprise to hear the reference. Then he said a word I’d never heard before “Transduced”. I had a dictionary in the drawer by the bed. I looked in it right away for the meaning. Low and behold it means “by supernatural means” to travel in spirit to another place is to transduce yourself. I knew that I had really seen Aliens in my home. Then years later I had a bone spur in my heel. I worked at a temp service and was working extra hours on a good paying job. I had put in overtime and 12 hours that day even. My heel was hurting on the cement floors all day. Another alien came into my sight. In spirit and said he was send from God. He asked me if I wanted him to make it go! away. I just thought back to him. I think telepathically the ! answer “ yes” and a glow of light came from his head toward my heel. I felt it warm a brief. The pain ended, and I never felt it again. I did go get the spur removed as normal but never felt any pain to mention from it from that day on. A little on jokes with me all the time in the spirit realm which I see in both realms, gifted I suppose. He says he is from God sent to watch over me. I think angels come in different forms. I believe I saw God even in person the same way. Once as an old man and another time as a big greenish grayish blackish supernatural being I think. Maybe even in flesh somewhere in space. He projects himself having instant Daffodils and honey bees, dipped in olive oil or with white wine sprinkled over the flowers as one of his favorite things to eat. Said he had only revealed himself to three men that in any way of the sort. They were Rafael on a boat, Moses and then me the as the third, if you count me twice. Then it’s four. I lived in Israel 2000 yrs. ago. I w! as told by 3 psycic people that I was Messiah. I am supposed to reveal myself 2012. God hasn’t affirmed it. I just know Antichrist will rise and you won’t be able to put money in a drink machine and get it to work. God will give him that kind of power as best I have seen it. Then after brutalizing me as a young man and losing my friends and family, finally come looking for my resolve of his rein. Kill him and war it out before he gets more powerful. 40 days of war has been prophecied. I pray for you all. The number will be in telepathic form sent out for all who will receive. Your answer in your heart and mind already you see. Like a bad acid trip. Spirit romping it all down for the devils last stand.