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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/30/2011 00:20 (Entered as : 12/30/11 0:20)
Reported: 12/30/2011 5:32:48 PM 17:32
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Corydon, IN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 minutes
multiple triangular aircraft, white red and orange lights. low flying, super quiet, not fast

outside on porch @ 00:15 smoking observed craft flying from west to east, over corydon, indiana.

crafts were triangular in shape.

observed red, white, orange lights.

red nose light, white rear left/right lights triangle pattern of 3 white lights on underside of craft, near rear, centered one blinking white and one orange light, alternating the orange light was centered inside the triangle pattern of white lights the blinking white light was outside of the triangle pattern of white lights, lower than the uppermost white light of the triangle pattern of 3, appears to be placed in a position that is the middle point between two of the three lights in the triangle pattern.

the clouds overhead were low, appx 1200 feet (observable from porch is a distant radio tower or cellular tower with blinking red light, estimated at 300ft tall, on hill top across valley from observation location) craft was flying west to east, guessing craft was headed to fort knox, but not able to verify in any way.

craft was flying below cloud deck, but higher than radio antennae on distant hill. craft was very quiet, moved much slower than "commercial" airliners. dark triangle was very easily observable against greyish cloudy sky. wife observed multiple craft of exact same type with me.

had cell phone with me, lost all signal as craft approached.

did not record video. did not record photos.

light pattern i am unable to find any match for any commercial air craft or known stealth craft.

also observed "headlight" of craft when it was at distance, appx 2 miles. front projecting "headlight" made typical triangle projection of bright headlights, cut cery clearly through cloud/darkness appx 300ft in front of craft. observed head light turned off and on.

no idea what craft was. lights on underside appear to be very "human" in origin.

no idea what craft was. i was slightly frightened by what i observed, as i have never seen craft of this kind being flown.

appx height of craft flying -2500 ft above ground.

estimated speed of craft: 300-500mph audible sound: slight, almost inaudible air disruption, could not hear engines or turbo fans of any type, only slight air turbulance.

hope to observe again.

observed 4 in total from 00:20 - 00:40