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Occurred : 12/31/2011 20:23 (Entered as : 12-31-11 20:23)
Reported: 1/2/2012 3:34:15 PM 15:34
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: Sedona, AZ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30-45 seconds
On New Year’s Eve, 31-12-2012, at about 8:23pm mountain time in the city of Sedona’s west side in Arizona USA I saw something in the night sky I have never seen before. I don’t really believe in this- UFO’s, however, it seems to be other worldly. I believe Less in the American media than I do in UFO’s so I have Been lead to this sight to describe what I saw in the hopes of keeping others informed.

It was a huge brilliant blue triangular object traveling Very Fast across the horizon; I was yelling at a friend and my son to look up in the sky. To my dismay it disappeared leaving a big red ball of fire and two smaller red balls. At this time my friend and son were looking and two to three seconds later there was a sound as if something struck something. My friend heard the sound but my son quickly dismissed it because in the opposing direction he saw fireworks declaring that must be the sound but my friend and I swore that the sound came from the direction I was looking in.

Later that night, over the phone my friend and I did some internet research considering that it was a comet burning in the atmosphere. To my dismay, the news casters reported that several people called in saying they saw something in the sky. The reporters scoffed and joked saying it was space junk, or a falling satellite, or just people drinking too much.

This is insulting and not believable. For starters, what I saw was brilliant and bright blue with a white glow. It was distinctively a triangle and moved faster than I ever seen from right to left leaving behind 3 red balls, one far larger than the other two. It was beautiful, nothing like I have ever seen. At the angle and height of the object it had to be bigger that 4 or 5 larger airplanes. I haven’t seen anything this large I assumed it to be a meteor or a shooting star or Superman because it was a bright blue streak across the sky. LOL. I joked that Superman was coming to rescue me. My friend said I should make a wish. I feel comfortable to say my wish…it was for our planet and its salvation.

I don’t know what I saw but I ran into people in my community the next day that saw it as well. I am calling it a meteor but the more I think about it the more I think it was other worldly, unique and beautiful. Definitely not space junk…This was not that. Just thought I would let someone else that may know hear what I saw.

Thank you for reading this.

FOLLOW UP: I went to Google earth and found the location of where I was and the direction I was looking they are as follows: I was facing N NE 34 51’52.16N 111 47’38.39W elevation 4436 ft The object came from the NE directly NW till it was gone