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Occurred : 1/4/2012 19:50 (Entered as : 01/04/12 19:50)
Reported: 1/4/2012 7:13:03 PM 19:13
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: DeLand, FL
Shape: Other
Duration:5-15 minutes
Star? Airplane head lights? Helicopter? Nope a rotating dodecahedron shaped object vibrating intense color in the sky over DeLand FL.

I first noticed this star like object in the sky on my way back from going to the Bp Station at the corner of Kepler Road and 92 in DeLand, Florida. It actually caught my eye out of the corner while driving west on Kepler Rd on my way back to the house. It was bright enough to get my attention. So I glanced over to my left and see this very bright star in the sky. At this time I really didn't think about what it was other than "star". It wasn't until I turned left onto Old Daytona Road and had the object now in front of me in full view did I realize it was way too bright to be just a star. So I started running senarios through my head: Maybe a plane coming in to the air port that was literally a quarter of a mile in front of me, or a helicopter possibly with a search light. But as I got closer my intuition told me to have my husband meet me outside when I got to the house. So I dialed the house phone and told him to come out front as I was pulling left o! nto Pierce Street making the object now on my right and directly in fron of my house.

As I pull in the drive my Husband is stepping out the door of our home and starts to walk towards me. I turn around and point in the direction of the air port and point at the bright object. I asked "What do you think that is?" He looked at it for a minute and replied with a "I don't know." As we are looking on at this object for a few more seconds or so it dawns on me that my camera (a Nikcon Cool Pics P100) is in my purse in the car still. So I go and get it. This particular camera came with a 26x zoom one of the main reasons I picked it. I love to take pictures of the moon and this camera always comes out with the most beautiful marco and long distance moon shots I've seen from this style camera. At the moment I had an eyelash or trash in my eye which made it hard for me to see so I handed my Husband the camera and told him to take some shots.

He began taking some pictures with my camera and wasn't really able to get a good focus on it. So once I was free of the annoying fuzz in my eye I took over and managed to ge a few more shots in that were more focus. When zoomed in to the max with my camera I noticed several things about the object one was it was solid and had an unusal shape to it one that most closely resembles a dodecahedron. The other when I used my camera as a sort of binacular set I could watch the obejects movement which went in a fast clockwise, teeter totting motion. In this mode with my camera I could make out much detail of this object. It vibrated color, as it floated above the tree tops. And moved too fast for my camera to capture the solid mass of the object and instead took almost see thur disc shaped photos of this otherwise bright light.

As it was pretty cold outside I went on into the house and gave my Husband the camera to do with as he pleased. It was a great experience. One that lasted probably a grand total of fifteen minutes.