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Occurred : 1/7/2012 23:20
Reported: 1/8/2012 1:49:58 AM 01:49
Posted: 1/12/2012
Location: League City, TX
UFO Sighting 1/7/2012 Location: Highway 3, League City Texas Time: 11:20pm Driving home after my 3pm to 11pm shift on this Saturday night, surely I could have not foreseen what I have witnessed and about share.

I travel north toward home, on this stretch of Highway 3 here in League City. In the distance about 2 miles head on, a pair of bright white lights positioned side-by-side in the sky catch my eye. The spacing between led me to believe they are mounted on each wing of an aircraft.

My first thought was, knowing there aren’t any airports near, that someone hijacked a commercial airplane. The lights looked like something you would expect from such aircraft, and it’s altitude was low enough as to land within moments on the stretch of highway.

As I head its direction, it doesn’t seem to get closer, or farther from me. However the lights shift west, left of me from now not over the road. Myself, trying to make sense of this, I am thinking these lights were merely lighted beacons to signal airplanes; for what seemed to be twenty seconds they remained stationary.

Having realized, I did not notice the pair of lights during the last four days I traveled this bit of road, they shifted back over the highway; then seem to be consumed by cloud cover.

By this time myself and three other vehicles reduced speed to about fifteen miles per hour to more closely investigate what it is we are seeing. The strange pair of lights emerge but now on the right side off the road. What seemed to take 5 seconds, they maneuver into a top and bottom position then side-by-side once again before disappearing for good.

If you can imagine a plane performing a slow barrel roll and remain upside down, puzzling as it may, I am certain this was not normal aircraft; but that of out of this world.

((Name deleted)) -Original story- "I was driving on Hwy 3, in League city when I noticed 2 white lights side by side. My first reaction was that it was a commercial plane flying low about 2 miles directly infront of me. It slowly shifted to. My left hand side, so I then thought that it was the angle I was driving and it was really a light pole for airplanes because it was stationary for about 20 seconds. It then started shifting back cross the road way and disappeared behind some clouds. By then me and other cars we slowing down to see what it was. When it reappeared it was on the right hand side. Then lights then started to move slowly, one above the other then side by side light the craft flipped upside down then the lights disappeared and it was gone. (Took about 5 seconds to do the flip) 3 other cars driving with me, slowed down to 15mph" ((name deleted))