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Occurred : 1/19/2012 19:25 (Entered as : 01/19/12 19:25)
Reported: 1/19/2012 7:44:21 PM 19:44
Posted: 1/24/2012
Location: Lansdale, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Orange lights in the sky with aircraft flying around them

My daughter and I were driving down Valley Forge Rd. at 7:20. She pointed out two white large lights in the sky. one was directly above the other. They would move closer to each other until almost touching and then move apart again. They did this about five times and then the lower one flew away. Then, up the road where the trees thin out and much more of the sky is visible there were about 10 orange orbs floating in different places just hovering. I pulled over to watch them and then we noticed places flying all around the lights. They weren't normal passenger planes they were triangular in shape and loud. There were probably at least 20 planes flying all around the hovering lights. I wanted to stay and watch because it was so pretty but we were going to an appointment. When we came out of the appointment everything was gone. I have never seen anything like that before and while I was watching it I was in awe.