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Occurred : 1/20/2012 20:55 (Entered as : 01/20/12 08:55)
Reported: 1/23/2012 12:22:19 PM 12:22
Posted: 1/24/2012
Location: Martins Creek, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:15 min
Up to 12 red orbs changing in pattern of big dipper, orionsbelt, triangsles, etc.

Saw up to 12 red orbs changing flawlessley from squares and triangles to the big dipper to orions belt and other shapes before breaking paterren and going straight up after a small plane approached within 2 miles.

They appeared to be coming up from the Delaware river valley.

It was very cloudy that night as we got snow later on. I would say that the small plane that approached the orbs came from the north west and was no higher than 300-400ft. One passer by said he saw almost the exact same thing the night before. People were pulling over to view this. I can say they were deffinatly not planes helicopters or flares. Planes and other aircraft simply can not move the way they did. There were also no emissions such as sparks and smoke as a flare would do.