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Occurred : 1/21/2012 06:36 (Entered as : 01/21/12)
Reported: 1/24/2012 12:39:28 PM 12:39
Posted: 1/24/2012
Location: Durango, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:6 to 10 Seconds
Strange object seen in Colorado sky

Jan 21 0636 Hrs I went outside to collect my Newspaper. As I picked it up, I noticed a large triangle shape in in the sky. (It was still dark). The Triangle had the point pointing downward and had about four bright lights on each side.

The object was traveling from the Northwest to Southwest and was much higher than a Jet would be. There was no sound coming from the object.

It was trailing about four streams of burning trails from each of the bright orange lights. I could not tell if the object was on a frame or around a solid object. It seemed to me to be four or five stories in height.

The whole episode took only 6 to 10 seconds.

At the time I was wondering if the object was a falling piece of space junk or a real UFO.

Any enlightenment would be welcome.

I am a retired Police Chief and considered a reliable person in this town.