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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/20/2012 22:20 (Entered as : 01/20/12 10:20)
Reported: 1/24/2012 10:18:38 PM 22:18
Posted: 2/3/2012
Location: Silver City, NM
Shape: Changing
Duration:20 minutes
Red/orange orb interacts with jets, chased by more jets, re-appears 4 days later.

This is a descriptive account of two incidents of personal eyewitness accounts of a reddish orange orb. The first indecent occurred on January 20th at approximately 10:20 pm in SW New Mexico, just outside of Silver City.

At first there were three of us outside, me, m and c. We were about to leave m's house when I saw what appeared to be a plane and some distance behind it and approaching it quickly was a reddish/orange orb. There was a distinct difference in the speed of the orb and the speed of the plane. The orb was obviously traveling faster than the plane.

Then a second plane was visible behind the orb, and all were traveling together (plane, orb, plane) with the orb somewhat lower than the two planes. It was peculiar that there was no sound from these planes or orb. We were out in the outskirts of town where it was very quite and we could hear very well, that there were no jet engines. Then, as all three objects are flying due west, the orb shakes up and down violently a very small distance, shaking the planes up and down as well.

Next was beyond belief. The orb very obviously sped up to the first plane and went into or behind it, disappearing from view. It almost immediately came out as 2 orbs of identical color. It is vital to note that the orb was not only much smaller than the outline of the lights on the planes, but that it did not flash like the planes did. These planes also did not flash like the regular commercial flashing plane light. The planes seemed to be communicating with each other using their lights, it did look like Morse code, now that I replay it in my mind. (My current hypothesis is that the orb had already taken control of the planes by the time I had seen them, and all the pilots had to communicate with one another was their lights!) Immediately after the 2 orbs came out of the plane in front, all of the objects lights' turned out, the orb was dim like a star, as were the planes, most strange, at the same time this happened, they all turned towards the south and merged to form an equilateral triangle with the point directed upwards, facing us. This triangle appeared to have a mass connecting the lights.

There were no clouds in the sky, the stars were very bright, and the light of the city was blocked by a ridge. The triangle slowed down its movement to a crawl yet still covered a massive distance very quickly, circling from West, to South, to East, and finally North East while it disappeared into what appeared to be space.

Not five or ten minutes later c and I were preparing to depart from m's, we were amazed to see the reddish/orange orb floating straight up from the north. I thought to myself what would I do to communicate with this orb, and I thought maybe I would whistle. Before I could even whistle and directly after the thought, the orb light went out. The star sized light that remained floated upward and southwest until it realized two more jets were coming in from the north east. I heard the roar of the jets as they flew the trail of the orb all the way over us towards the North and West, south into Mexico.

Tonight, January 24th , 2012, I was witness again to this phenomenon, yet it was slightly different. I was sitting on my front porch facing South West when I saw the red light again, this time smaller and what appeared to be 2 orbs very close to one another and fainter. It was also earlier in the evening, approximately 8:20 pm, and the city lights reduce visibility. Still the stars are highly visible in Silver City, NM. I watched as the pair of orbs moved in a similar flight path as the Friday night before. The lights pulsated or flashed irregularly, almost more of a pulsation. It went from West, to South, to East, and disappeared behind the trees. I watched it circle around 3 times before it disappeared the final time.

But before it dipped behind the trees for the last time, it glowed a brilliant orange/red much brighter and larger than the orbs we had seen the previous Friday. It quickly faded and went away behind the trees. It was interesting to see how the flight path of these pair of orbs was directly compared to that of observable commercial flights at the time and to note the irregular flight path of the paired orbs, and the straight path of the commercial flights.

The paired orbs traveled at a much higher speed than that of the observable commercial flights. They also had no noise. This where it is puzzling. Very soon after the orb glowed that burst of orange/red light, it went away, and minutes later 2 fighter jets zoomed by, completely audible and loud, just like the 2 jets that went after the one orb on Friday. But unlike those two that pursued the orb into Mexico, these two jets did not appear to know where they were going, just going really fast in the same flight path as where the paired orbs were 5 minutes prior, and pretty much where the first occurrence turned into an equilateral triangle.

Yet when we first witnessed this on Friday, there was no noise when the planes were incorporated into this triangle, and there was no noise tonight with the paired orbs, we could hear the commercial flights when they passed by, we could hear the Air Force jets zooming by, but no, we could not hear the orbs at all. The whole time the orbs flew with remarkable speed and smoothness, and made irregular and seemingly impossible movements, like moving a large distance while appearing to move slowly. This was particularly present in the triangle form.