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Occurred : 2/8/2012 19:15 (Entered as : 02/08/12 19:15)
Reported: 2/9/2012 12:28:44 AM 00:28
Posted: 2/10/2012
Location: Madison, WI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Two air crafts both with huge red circular lights.

I was walking home from work on the evening of February 8, 2012. About a block away from my apartment I looked towards the sky straight above. I also looked to the right and noticed that the stars were extra vivid and crisp on this night. I looked farther ahead of me and saw two abnormal bright-like stars. I assumed that they were planets but I have never seen two so close together. Then, again, I look to the right of me and up above I notice a very huge circular red light. Also accompanying the red light were smaller white-amber-ish lights on each side of the bigger red light. The sequence of the blinking lights were unfamiliar to me and extremely close to the ground; hovering, in movement. I do not exactly remember how long each blink measured but knew immediately they were unfamiliar. At this point I was in shock. I was less than a block away from my home and instead of going straight home I followed in the direction of the red light. It seemed as ! though the entire craft was a red sphere as it drew away. I turned a left on the street before my block and realized that not only did these lights look foreign but also they were headed in the wrong direction. Had they been lights from an airplane, the craft should have been traveling more East towards the airport. Instead the craft was traveling SE. It definitely could not have been an airplane because it was too low to the ground and I heard no sound from where I stood. Through my vision the craft could have been traveling at a speed of maybe 40 MPH…? I did not get a good look at the shape of this particular craft because as I followed it, it traveled further away flying over tall houses and apartment buildings which blinded my sight. The duration of the craft siting was about a minute long.

After that I walked towards my apartment. It took less than two minutes to get to my front porch. I immediately sat down and just stared into the night sky. Not one minute had passed when I saw another red light coming towards my direction from the NW. It traveled over Lake Mendota toward my apartment building. I cleared my eyes completely amazed. This craft also had a sequence of odd blinking lights not like the sequence of lights you see on planes or helicopters. The lights also had short awkward pauses and then would resume to the blinking pattern. These lights were also very close to the ground. As the craft got closer I could kind of make out a shape. It was quite dark but my best educated guess would be that the craft had a shape of a triangle prism. The craft also looked like it had a disk-like base and the lights were blinking on the front of the base. As the craft traveled over the apartment building next to mine, I noticed that the underside of the base of the cra! ft looked like half of a sphere. I could not make out any color of the craft due to the time of the evening. Interesting to say, the craft traveled SE just like the first had. I was much closer to this craft than the first but I would assume the speed of travel was 50 MPH.