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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/20/2010 21:00 (Entered as : 11/20/10 21:00)
Reported: 2/10/2012 12:43:37 PM 12:43
Posted: 2/10/2012
Location: Aurora, CO
Duration:1 year
Alian report

My contact with alians was on a dark night I was having a cigarette and I had just got done smoking and I had thumped my cigarette butt and I saw a street light flashed I saw the reflection on a glass window and I looked at it and heard a voice that said this is how we get you and across from me a light on another building went off I knew it was strange because the lights don't flicker they stay on the voice was bizzar enough but over time it got worse like more voices and movement of objects and muscle spasms the irregular events of electronics turning themselves on and off again and sounds being made on command the sounds were even being made on glass and wood, metal ect. I never witnessed anything like it before in my life the more I heard them and saw what they do they got worse and began messing around with reality and perception of the eyes like vehicles moving faster vehicles swerving towards you when they aren't but appear that they are and stree! t lights turning faster than normal and lights in general just not being the same as usual some things I have preceived are were normal and orther where not from this world or time space and era I've whitnessed people changing and not being there self and they don't know it either I've seen things move without wind nore touch I've have seen behavior change on an instant and become irratic a mans body can change in one night and become stronger or slower faster or smarter nearly everything I did I was spoken to by alians whether it be movement touch sound(s) sight I whitnessed the control of almost everything around me Like the flow and movement of water people I went around would be different in ways like being meaner and aggressive girls even threw them selves at me I a very sexual way and almost everywhere I went people would have trouble the course of life would change in an instant and get worse way worse life fighting yelling screaming car accidents ect if you can ! name it you can believe it I have whitnessed complete chaos I'! ve have even been in habited to the point that something else acctually lived in me the being would talk to me and tell me things like we are the everlasting and things like your going to hell it would read my memory's and tell me things about myself it would even tell me things about people and place like times dates and eras on earth I have Evan been told to have sex with girls which I haven't because they where different very different being human and being different amazed me my body has completely. Been altered like weight strength and mental state my memory has even been taken from me and the darkness I've been thru like lifes troubles memory or tough moments in life and of places I've been I've been thru a place they call he'll and have even had a txt message stating that I was going to hell mentally physically and sexually I've been harrased like I was told to do things like talking to people and go places sexually my penis has been thru alot of tortur like being chang! ed in length certain creels would happen to it like it getting smaller as if it was being squeezed ive been in a place called the matrix which I don't know what it is but weird things have happened to me as if your there without being there The being told me it was called star people the reason I think some this stuff is tru because there is this web site and what I went thru was not the life style some one wants to live when I have Ben drunk or dis orientated I've been in habited to where they were here and you don't know until you come to the being won't really cease bothering me but I am reporting this hoping that it's stops but things I've learned and been thru have been taken from me slowly I can't really even remember back wards to when I went to school what I know how I've been and how I acted my mInd hasn't really recovered from what I've been thru My family and freinds have been botherd and they have not been the same in a while the children in my family haven't been having good behavior and have been treated bad physically they don't eat much or sleep at times the being told me my children where going to be them and I believe they are at risk I have evidence of my festivals being bother by my blanket being torn in a circular patern and belongings being ruind relationships with girls and guys as freinds ect.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

((NUFORC Note: We cannot confirm that this is a sincere report. Source remains anonymous. PD))