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Occurred : 12/10/2011 17:30 (Entered as : 12/10/2011 17:30)
Reported: 2/14/2012 4:23:21 PM 16:23
Posted: 3/13/2012
Location: Ocotillo Wells (Near), CA
Shape: Light
Duration:about 3 hrs
More "Ghost Lights" in Anza- Borrego

This series of sitings took place on Dec.10, 2011, from approximately 5:30PM-10PM. There were three separate, distinct sitings in different areas of the visible expanse as well as numerous sitings of lights following airliners.

I have only recently filed a report with The National UFO Reporting Center of a sighting which I had in 1994 in the exact same location. I erroneously called the campground "Mountain Springs" in that recounting but actually it was MOUNTAIN PALM SPRINGS.

Shortly after sunset, while still barely light, perhaps at 5:30 pm on this date, while facing east from the Mountain Palm Springs Campground in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, I observed a series of lights abruptly appear at the crest of a nearby mountain called "the Coyote Mountains". I estimate that it is roughly seven air miles from the campground. The lights were clearly at the crest of the mountain as I could still plainly see its outline. The lights were arranged roughly the same as on an automobile ( Which I assumed that it was) two amber lights froward ( There was a smog haze that evening so I was not surprised that headlights might appear amber.) and two smaller amber lights in the rear of the "vehicle" instead of the legal red. I assumed that it was a dune buggy as that is a general area of their use or perhaps a military, ranger or Border Patrol truck.The "vehicle" made an emergency stop as if in fear that it would plunge over a cliff which i! t would have had it ben a car. It sat there momentarily and then slowly backed-down or "lowered" itself out of my sight but then briefly partly returned just to as quickly retreat. I did not see it again.. I thought little of it and reminded myself to check the map again tomorrow to try to determine its size. I did use my binoculars ( 10x52) at the time but the distance between the "headlights" could not be determined at night. The following day, using both my binoculars and the detailed map I realized that the "headlamps" had to have been many yards apart ( 100 plus yards?) and could therefore not have been a motor vehicle.

Only a short time later, with the darkness near complete, I observed another set of lights rise up rather slowly over the next mountain farther away, called Superstition Mtn. It was perhaps ten plus air miles distant from me. This light lasted much longer, also made a very slow retraction behind that mountain only to return doing this maybe three times. Through the binoculars the light or object appeared to be a giant flower type of shape with the "stem" and backside of the "blossom" not lit but the petals were amber convex lights. Another way to describe it was as if the lights were part of a honeycomb in the center of the flower. Due to the distance away it must have been a huge object. The altitude of these two mountains are maybe 2500 feet and both completely surrounded by desert very near sea level. This object appeared to face north, that is the lights were faced in that direction and I was west of it observing in profile.

Well, it gets worse (or better depending on your interest.). At 7:00 PM ( This time I wrote the time down) a dancing light that looked much like a star or planet appeared to the north of my position in an area that I know has no geographical feature. It was one of the first "stars" to appear that night but as it moved up and down and side to side in a kind of rough oval maneuver I knew it must be an aircraft. However I could not understand why a helicopter ( No other aircraft that I know of could make this jerky maneuver) would waste its time doing this for one hour when it finally apparently disappeared. My attention was drawn else wear so I did not see it depart. The following morning I checked that area out ( Though I already knew it well) and determined that it could not have been something in the far distance on a mountain as they are more than thirty miles away and below the horizon from my relative location. It appeared to be roughly over an area called Box Canyon. It! s location and motions exactly matches descriptions of one of the so-called "ghost lights" famous in Anza-Borrego folklore of which information is easily found on the web. No one knows what they are though there are many strange theories and/or excuses from actual ghost spirits to bizarre pseudo-scientific theories involving metallurgy.

There is more. This area is a flyway for aircraft heading from the east to San Diego and or Hawaii as well as military aircraft to and from the many bases to the north in California and into or from bases in Arizona. There is also visible air traffic to and from LAX and destinations beyond. Of course there are also some general aviation aircraft in this mix. As I watched these obvious aircraft I noted that each and nearly everyone was either being followed or led by a small white dot of light that "flitted" about in its general flight path as opposed to the smooth movements of the known airplane. I tried to objectively explain this to myself but could not. Naturally as with previous long term sightings I grew bored and turned in for the night.

In the days that followed numerous military helicopters, armed with rocket pods and door gunners, scoured this area at low altitude. I followed them up to the location of Box Canyon where two actually touched their skids down on a craggy mountain top not two hundred of yards from me. They were unable to set down there so I found it strange that they would perform that dangerous maneuver. They then went over this rise and could be heard landing or perhaps hovering on the other side out of my view. I believe that they did not like me viewing them especially with my binoculars. There were no markings on these craft but they were painted in military camouflage. Also, this is important, this is NOT a military base or practice area but a state park yet they spent several days flying in and amongst these dangerous canyons! Those who are pilots understand this. There are many thousands of square miles to practice combat activity yet here they were instead. I identified all of these ! military craft as Huey Hog gunships and concluded that they were likely USMC or Reserve. The venerable Huey, though a quality craft, has been considered obsolete for decades though still in use especially with the Marine Corp. Notably, USMSC and USN air bases are not that far distant.

I stayed in this campground for five nights and did NOT witness ANY of these phenomenon again that week. After exploring other campgrounds for more than one week in Borrego and the Southern Mojave as well as SW Arizona, where I saw no unusual activity at all, I returned to Mountain Palm Springs again for two nights and observed no other phenomena.

Although I had an inexpensive digital video camera with me I consciously decided not to use it as it is old and has poor pixelation. Any lights witnessed would not appear unusual in a video. Indeed I am frustrated by digital video and still-photography in this regard. Footage of unusual night time aerial activity is not well documented this way. Old fashioned film is much better.

I am planning to return on March 13, 2012 for a further investigation.