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Occurred : 2/23/2012 01:01 (Entered as : 2/23/2012 1:01)
Reported: 2/22/2012 11:19:43 PM 23:19
Posted: 3/13/2012
Location: Hinsdale, IL
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 seconds
Lower than an airplane could fly, was a silver disk/saucer with orange lights moving very, very slowly across the cloudy dark sky.

I literally just pulled into my driveway at home after a 5 hour car drive from where I go to college. I am someone who is very intelligent, as I go to a very prestigious school, and I question nearly everything I learn. Growing up in a Catholic family, I always questioned things, such as my religion and its truth, because I like proof-hard facts-for things before I can truly believe something to be true. I took an English course my freshman year of college that was centered on supernatural happenings, and sure enough, one of the main topics we focused on was extraterrestrial life.

It sounds silly, really; however, when you think in the grand scheme of things, it is only logical that there is life somewhere else in our universe, as Earth is just a grain of sand compared to the universe as a whole. But, the idea of UFOs with flashing lights that are flying all over our sky to me always sounded dumb and unbelievable. I had the impression that people reporting these "sightings" were uneducated or perhaps literally on drugs.

I am saying all of this solely because I just stepped out of my car ten minutes ago, was a little creeped out because it is 1 in the morning and a dark, foggy night...sounds all too cliche and typical. But as I opened my trunk and unloaded my bags, something caught my eye in the sky. I am not kidding, this silver disk/saucer looking thing with orange lights on it was inching across the sky. I could see it so distinctly, this object was so complex and large and not high in the sky whatsoever. It was traveling so slowly, I didn't know what to do. I can honestly say I have never experienced such a feeling like this before; I was absolutely astonished. I thought I was hallucinating. I didn't move a muscle and starred at this "UFO" if you will, slowly cruise along the hazy clouds, and in the split of a second it was gone. I am shaking and don't know what to think. I wish I could have reacted more calmly and took out my phone, but in the moment I was absolutely speechless.