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Occurred : 3/12/2012 22:04 (Entered as : 3/12/12 22:04)
Reported: 3/12/2012 9:08:48 PM 21:08
Posted: 3/13/2012
Location: Syracuse, NY
Shape: Other
Duration:5 minutes
What is hovering over lyncourt/eastwood/syracuse??????????????

This is the second thime i saw this object whithin a month on a cloudy night. I left my house and drove down court st toward the eastwood section of syracuse when i instantly saw this rectangle looking thing in the sky hovering low in and out of the clouds over eastwood-lyncourt area of syracuse,ny. It had white and red circle lights on it from left to right and the red lights look l.e.d-ish. not bright but not dim and the white lights looked a little blue. the airport is nearby and i ruled out any airplanes or helicopters because there was an airplane getting ready to land and that didnt look like any helicopter. There were about ten cars on the road around me. it didnt make any noise and i heard that they were testing drones at the airport but that wasn't any drone and why would a drone be out when passenger planes are trying to land?/! I saw the same thing earlier this month in the same spot around the same time. I tried to call my girlfriend but th! e phine didn;t have any signal until i didn't see it anymore and then the call went through. I am a very skeptical person but this is something i can't explain and i can;t find anything on the net about it but i did find a video of what im talking about on youtube..."ufo over syracuse" is the nave of the video and it sure looks exactly like what i saw.