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Occurred : 6/1/2006 00:00 (Entered as : 06/01/2006 0:00)
Reported: 3/19/2012 10:01:40 AM 10:01
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Lexington, SC
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5-10 seconds
Spooky Near-Earth "Space Station"

My wife's name is ((female name deleted)). She has worked for the state previously, but now works at a daycare part time. She would never fabricate a story intentionally and I have never heard her say anything else anywhere near as un-explained.

UFO reported sighting in Lexington, SC June 2006 Sighted by ((female's name deleted)).

Interviewed by ((husband's initials deleted)).

This interview comes on account of a recent (in fact today) sighting by my wife. Since she had seen a previous sighting some years before, I wanted to compile the two and submit them to the web. This information below is about a sighting she had in the summer of 2006.

Spooky, Near Earth Space Station When my wife first told me about the sighting, she said, "I think I saw the space station. It was really weird! I had no idea what to think back then, her description though fascinating, boggled my mind, so I basically ignored it. Now I will document that sighting. Today I interviewed her; "It looked like something you would see in a movie. "It was big. I could see the "person" in it." If you stretched out your arms straight out at length, in front of you, you would have to spread the fingers about 16-20 inches to equal the apparent length of it.

How far away was it? It was close? “It WAS close! I didn't look at it long at all, I simply gasped in shock, and turned around and shut the door behind me quickly. All I can say is that it was close! I saw a “person” with “spiky hair” in it.

What direction did it move? “It was just above the row of “red-tips” (an evergreen shrub of the south U.S.) and it was either hovering or moving slightly to my left.

What time of day was it? “It was midnight.” What time of the year? “It was about 2 months after we moved here.” So that would make it June 2006? “Yes that sounds right.” What happened? “I was on the phone with my friend Melissa. I didn't want to wake anyone else, so I headed outside. I opened the side (deck) door, stepped out and there it was. I said 'Uh-oh!' and turned right around back inside. I told my friend that I was going to bed and hung the phone up on her right there and then. I went to bed.” “Some days later when I explained to my friend what happened, she said “sometimes you can see the space station. Maybe that was what you saw.” But she didn't realize this thing was so near that I could see a 'person' inside it. But it made absolutely no noise at all. What was it?!?” Description: Based upon the witnesses description and testimony, the interviewers best guess at size would be approx 8 feet high by 20-25 feet long, rectangular about 2.5 to 3 times as long as it's height. “It was white with two large windows directly facing me.” (Based upon the drawing, these windows covered at least 50% of the exposed area. There might be about 1.5 feet around the edges (and separating the two), all around the windows comprising the rest of the object. There seemed to be two seating areas, and a “person with spiky hair” sat on the window to my left." What was "he" doing? "There was a control panel that 'he' was 'guiding' the craft with. Any lights? There was a “regular” yellowish light on inside it, with no lights on the outside.” What was on the other (right) side? "Nothing. It looked the same as the left side, but no-one was there. I just saw the one “person.” Conclusion: Myself the interviewer (and husband) know that the story is either an apparition or completely true, but not a work of fiction. My wife would never make something like this up. So I wonder what would be the best cause for the sighting? The best match for a man made object would seem to be the cockpit of a large dirigible. But Amanda saw NO dirigible along the top of the object, and this would have been a much larger portion of the object, but nothing like that was seen. And the sited object was very low, and CLOSE and it made (she insisted time and again) absolutely NO noise. Myself (and the family 3-4 years later) have witnessed the travels of a dirigible in the surrounding area about town, and that dirigible maintained at least 400-500 feet above the trees and moved very noisily at maybe 25-35 MPH. It was flashing a red “billboard” advertisement. I would have to estimate that the sited (UFO) object was only 200-250 feet above the ground, and only at most the same linear distance, as there was the view of a “person with spiky hair” at the “control panel.” Unknown Flying Object.


Rectangle with two large portals and a figure at the controls up VERY close.

This is an amendment or addition to a previous report I submitted about 3 days ago. I searched tonight online and found a drawn depiction of a UFO sighting that very closely matches that sighting that my Wife saw midnight 6-1-2006. My wife said "Yeah! That's it! Except that I didn't see any of the back part." Here is the web-link to that photo:

So what my wife saw was a white object very similar to the forward rectangular shape of that picture with a single figure on the LEFT. She said a yellowish light shone from within. The sighting lasted only a few seconds, and she fled back inside the house.