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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/2011 15:00 (Entered as : june 2011 15:00)
Reported: 3/22/2012 9:13:35 PM 21:13
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Colwyn Bay (UK/England),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 days
Silver Ball viewed close up at low leval in the sky.

Hello, this happened to me over the course of 3 to 14 days during mid summer time in 2011. Some of what happened to me may be unconnected or parts of it mightbe. I will try to be coherent in my time line.

OK first,I live in the UK, wales,even thou this happened nearly one year ago it has been on my mind now and again,I have tried to say to myself somethings could be connected other times I dismiss it as myself getting to imaginative.I myself am not 100% sure if I am just putting nonsequential events together when they are not connected at all, but some things over the course of 2 weeks were not usual occurrences around where I live, I have lived in the same area for 40 years I know it very well.

Ok, I was at my house on a sunday afternoon, i cannot recall the month but it was summer 2011, I know it was sunday because I was going to have a sunday meal.ok.

I walked outside the back of the house and looked to the south at about 3 house heights up over the next door house was a silver ball/sphere it was the size of a beachball,maybe one metre diameter I,d estimate, it loooked a solid object, the colour was like stainless steel or a bright steel, and it was reflecting sunlight,it was a bright sunny clear summers day.This silver ball was hovering making no sound.It had what looked like a band going around the center which looked the same material as the rest of the ball.It was just hovering but stationary in the air for the short time I looked at it.I looked at it for about 1 minute then I kinda thought this is not a normal object, so I went back into the house for safety.I did not go back outside,I told no one in my family.

OK,that was my sighting, it was a close up sighting, defo not a balloon or anything like a remote controlled plane or helicopter, it was a defined silver large ball that looked like it was made out of a metal,shiny steel etc,no sound.Not anything I have ever seen before or since in person.I have seen similar descriptions from people on UFO websites.I belive they are called Telemetre Balls?? ( I cound be wrong about this name ) I recall within a day or two I was at the same house I had only woken up and the dooor bell rang,I did look like I had just woken up, unshaven hair a mess etc.

I answered the door, two men were standing there, one facing me at about 5 feet away, the other person was at my rightside about 2 feet from me.This person would have stood out to anyone.Ok, both "Men" were immaculatley dressed in dark suits, and I mean immaculate, saville row type looking suits, expensive.

Both "Men" said nothing,when I opened the door,the man facing me who I looked at first gave a small grin out the left side of his mouth,I guessed this was because I looked like I had just woken up,which I had.This was all this man did, he looked about 35 to 40 years of age,dark to black hair,short haircut,clean shaven,just like a high flying excecutive would look like,very polished look.Looked like a normal man in the face.

OK, the other "Man" was different to the man who was facing me,first his suit was black,with I think a light coloured shirt,still very smart.I cannot remember his hair colour but I think it was also a short haircut.As soon as I opened the door and right after I looked at the man facing me the man to my right handed me a leaflet,and this is the strange bit, as I looked down towards his hand as I put out my arm & hand to take the leaflet from this "Man" I noticed his skin was Extremely pale nearly as white as white,there was no pink pigment look to the skin like most white men have,This persons hand skin was very very pale,his hand had 5 fingers.This really cought my attention.Also he was wearing the black "Blue Brothers" type sun glasses, like Dan Ackroyd wore in the Blues Brothers film.ok.

I could not see his eyes,but his face skin was also very very pale, no normal pink skin tone at all,just very pale almost paper white in colour,why this "Man" out of the 2 was wearing the black sunglasses so I could not see the eyes but the other man who looked normal did not wear sunglasses has puzzled me since.

The leaflet handed to me was about Jesus,a "WatchTower" leaflet, I guess these "Men" must both have been american? because of the WatchTower leaflet,I said to myself after they must be Johovah Witnesses.Neither men said anything.I took the leaflet and said somethin like "thanks" and closed the door.I did not go back to see where they both walked to.OK.

The man facing me after thinking about it afterwards seemed a normal man to me,nothing out of place about him, just a very smartly dressed man.But the other person would have looked out of place to mostly anyone, if I had seen him close up again I defo would have been aware of how different his skin colour was and also I got the idea he was more than different than just his skin colour, there was something more going on with this person,I keep putting this thought/feeling down to my imagination when ever I think about it like now when I am typing this report.

Maybe nothing maybe something, I guess you have to be there to really know.

OK, the next day at night time about 21:00 hours, I,d guess within 3 days of seeing the silver ball in the sky,I was walking up to the local shop up on the hill on the otherside of a small mountain where I live near,as I was walking up the road that goes anti clockwise around the small mountain I saw a helicopter at low leval less than 100 feet flying above the houses that are all around the base of this small mountain where I live.This helicopter had an open bubble canopy and I could make out a man in the left side of the cabin looking down and around at the houses below.I have never ever seen a helicopter like this before or since flying around the area where I live, from the looks of it I think it was searching around the area where I live for something.OK, this first helicopter was at low level, there was also another helicopter much higher up flying a grid patter it would fly in one direction then turn back the way it had just flown.This helicopter looked like the local! police helicopter, I have seen this helicopter many times flying around as the police use it to follow cars or search for people,but it usually has a very powerful search light on,this time it did not,but I know it has infra red heat search capabilities.OK,Even higher up in the sky were two jets flying also back and forth in a type of grid search.There is a jet training base near me and I see the jets regularly so it is nothing new to see 2 jets,But! I know the jets usual flight pattern,but these 2 jets were flying a totally different flight pattern to what they have always flown before or since I saw these 2 helicopters and the jets altogether.I had never seen before or since a bubble open canopy helicopter flying very low level and the police helicopter at mid height then 2 fast jets flying very high leval before or since this particular night,within 3 days of seeing this silver ball hovering in the sky at close range.It looked to me they were looking for something.

After this during the next 2 weeks at the same house where I saw the silver ball in the sky and the 2 "Strange" "Men" who called round, I had "Johovah Witnesses" call round every other day for about 2 weeks, it was bizzare to say the least.Sometimes it was 2 normal young men in their early twenties who would call round or 2 normal young girls who also looked in their early twenties.I also had a very old women and a middleage man call round asking me if I belived in Jesus etc etc and tying to hand me leaflets just like the first "Strange" "Men".

I was always polite, but it seemed very strange to me why so many were calling at my house,almost as if they had been told that I was a very possible convert or that I had an interest in their religion or something, or possible unknown even to them apart from the very first two "Men" these others were unwitting tools for another reason they knew nothing about.

The mind can run away with ideas at times,but I had never had this many jehovah witness people ever call before or since at my house,it was only after seeing the silver ball in the sky, ( Maybe the first two people were men in black??).

OK now if you think what I have typed so far is bizzaro there is an even more strange things that happened to me during the 2 weeks the religous peple were calling at my house.

I was in bed around 7am I woke up and from my bedroom window,s direction but, it sounded like inside my bedroom I heard a distinct clear female voice speaking a bible verse or something like a bible verse,I took it to have a religous meaning because God was mention.This is all I will say about this as it was extremely weird!! I have never heard voices before or after this happened and I have no mental health history.Just so everyone who reads this is clear, I donot hear voices in my head ok.

But what was strange is the bible verse this "female voice" spoke was the same bible verse a jehovah witness spoke to me at the door of my house within afew hours of hearing this female voice when I had just woken up.

The door bell rang I opened the door and there were two young women there, one was holding an open bible, and she started reciting to me a bible verse which was exactly the same as the earler female voice I heard recited also.THis was getting all to much for me so when the yoing women who was at my door stopped speaking and asked me if I had anything to say I just closed the house door, it was all too weird.

These two young women did not call back which was a wise choice on their parts because I was beginning to lose patience with these people calling at my house all the time, 2 weeks was beginning to make me unhappy with them,but they stopped calling in the end.

I donot know if any of the events with the people calling at my house or the 2 helicopters and the jets were linked with the silver ball I saw in the sky or even if the 2 "Men" who called the first time with the man with the very pale skin was connected with the silver ball I saw, I have no idea this is just what happened during this 2 week time period after I saw this distinct quite big silver ball hovering/floating above the houses near to my house, it did nor look like something man had made,it was out of place just hovering in the sky.

Thanks for reading my report it is an honest appraisal of events that happened to me....

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to provide no contact information. PD))