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Occurred : 3/29/2012 20:30 (Entered as : 3/29/12 20:30)
Reported: 3/29/2012 7:24:32 PM 19:24
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: McDonald, PA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:30 seconds
Lighted, diamond-shaped craft

I am a logical, college-educated, young female professional who works at a detail-oriented job. I have lived in rural areas my whole life and have never seen anything like this. I am familiar with airplanes and jets, and there is an airport north of my apartment, but I've observed several planes flying to this airport tonight and they were much different from this object, not to mention flying in a completely different direction.

Tonight at about 8:29pm, I heard what sounded like an aircraft flying very low and approaching my apartment. The noise was higher in pitch than any aircraft noise I'd ever heard, but a constant whooshing hum. I went outside to see it, because it definitely sounded like it would be in my line of sight, and it was indeed. The sun had set but the sky was still a light royal blue color, so I could easily make out the solid kite shape of the object: like a diamond, but with a flatter front and elongated back rather than equal sides and angles. It was gray and had a number of white and yellowish lights. Several lined the front (maybe around 5 to 7), and one was at each corner, and a few of them (if not all) blinked. I believe the lights were shaped differently: some were rectangular while others more round. The object wasn't extremely low, but low for an aircraft. It was flying pretty directly east, and I couldn't tell whether or not it was ascending or descending, though it seeme! d to hold a steady altitude. The object looked familiar to me (probably because of photos on TV of similar-looking UFOs), so I wasn't alarmed upon seeing it, but I was extremely curious and watched it intently. As it passed behind trees and then the hills that blocked it from my sight, it seemed to turn slightly north. Even after I could no longer see it, I could still hear it, though the sound decreased out of hearing at a constant rate (meaning it didn't abruptly cut off as though it had landed).