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Occurred : 3/31/2012 00:54 (Entered as : 03/31/12 00:54)
Reported: 4/2/2012 10:41:28 PM 22:41
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Bernardston, MA
Shape: Other
Duration:About 7 Seconds
Saw a green UFO really close to my car, lowered in valley; resulted in panicked coyote hit on I-91.

I was driving on Interstate 91 in Massachusetts, just before the Vermont border. I was in Bernardston. It was just before 1 am and I was driving in my car I had just gotten last month. As I was driving, my light behind my radio display caught my eye because it went really dark and kept flickering between off and barely on. The lights on my dash were acting funny too, as were my headlights. This snapped me out of my highway daze, as I had been driving for an hour and “in the zone.” Mind you, this is a new car—this obviously isn’t normal behavior.

When I began paying attention again from this I caught sight of a green light to my right in a sort of valley. I was in the traveling lane towards the guardrail, and the land appeared to dip there. What I saw shocked me—it was what I can best describe as a floating piece of abstract art. Next to my car, it was massive, but in terms of Hollywood UFO sightings, it was very small. Nothing large to make those sorts of cropcircles you see in the news, either—very small next to those, but big next to my car. It was about five to ten feet higher in the air than my car’s roof was and was extremely close to me and low to the ground, again, in the valley.

There was a guy driving in front of me and he was the only other driver around, and he braked and flashed his hazards so I know he saw it, too. Up close, it looked like it had a sea foam green sort of paint job on the belly, with precise lines and evenly marked. It was probably a three-foot-high green under border wrapping up the pieces jutting out from it. The rest was a dark chrome/silver. It had between four and six green lights that were darker on the outside of the circular shine, and a lighter shade in the middle. It had weird rectangles sort of prodding out, and odd tentacle shaped pieces. Think of the Grinch’s mountain, and flip it sideways curling up, and more of a gradual slimming of shape. This too had the border and there was a green light on top of it. this was the section I focused most on. The rest of the craft blurs in my mind; I focused on this and remember thinking it looked like a mish-mosh of shapes that somehow flowed smoothly together.

I stared at it in absolute shock for a few seconds—and then the lights pulsed. The lights were not in a perfect line—some were up, some were down, some in the middle of the craft. The lights pulsed brighter, dimmer, brighter, dimmer, and then suddenly the craft was far away. It went north. It paused in the distance, and then vanished in a second.

At this point, I’m honestly freaking out, wondering what I just saw. Again, I am in the travelling lane, and the thing I just saw was on my right over the valley. The valley ends and I’m driving, not a full 30 seconds have even passed, and a coyote comes flying out of the grass on my right side. I’ve never seen a coyote, or any animal ever run that fast before—it was white, with a yellow tint to it. Think of a white lab—that color. I had absolutely no warning and it appeared just a few feet in front of my car, racing, not being chased and not chasing anything, no other coyotes around (and don’t they run in packs generally?) and I had absolutely no time or room to react. I was forced into hitting it, going 65 as I was on the highway. Again, I have a new car—it’s a sturdy car. It hit so hard that my front quarter panel went flying off. I called the cops right away fearing for the poor coyote maybe still in the road and to report the incident.

The cops showed up and couldn’t find this coyote I hit going 65 anywhere. Whatever scared it scared it so bad it couldn’t stop running. I hit hard. My quarter panel was way across the other side of the highway. In order to tell the cops my location, this all took place around the 48th and 49th mile marker on Interstate 91. The valley is within the 48th, going northbound, and I hit the coyote just before a merging area on the 49th.

I can’t help but feel these two cases are related. I told the cops about what I had seen and they totally dismissed me and even started talking to each other over me, acting like I was a crazy person. I had just hit an animal, it was 1 am just about, and I was shaking harder than I ever shook on my life—they probably assumed I was on drugs. Whatever the case, they totally dismissed me and I’m not too excited about that—people tend to not take you very seriously about paranormal happenings. Now, I’m extremely anxious being outside at night, especially when it’s clear out. This event scared me terribly—I’m far more upset over the UFO than the coyote, though I feel really bad for the coyote. Looking back, I also wish I had the radio on. I had a CD playing and turned it down when I noticed something amiss. I wonder if that would have been affected.