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Occurred : 4/22/2012 01:00 (Entered as : 4/22/12 1:00)
Reported: 4/22/2012 1:18:03 PM 13:18
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Vancouver, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:8 minutes
five red glowing oval lights hovering and slowly moving

I stepped outside while I was at work, to have a cigarette. I looked into the sky to see if it was cloudy, because I was expecting to see clear weather. It was a little cloudy. I looked to the south from where I stood, and saw an interesting red, glowing, oval shaped light hovering in place. At first I didn’t know what to make of it, then, two other unidentified flying objects appeared from the distance hovering not far from one another. It was like a light bulb slowly lighting into clear view. I walked into the house to get my camera phone as quickly as possible. When I returned back outside they were still there. I took a couple shots of them, and tried to get some video of these objects. After about a minute or two, another pair of theses interesting lights slowly illuminated at a further distance from the others, and one started slowly moving in random directions, but always returned to its original position. I took a couple more photos after the last t! wo arrived. The first three objects that appeared, begins to veer off out of my sight till they were gone. The other two started slowly moving further above the first three, then, they dimmed away like a dyeing bulb.

The pictures I took did not do any justice to what I saw. In the photos you can see one small red light along with two other lights that turned out white. In another one you can see the first three of them and they all are white. I am not sure why all but one turned out white, but what I saw was that they were all glowing red. The last ones I took with all five of them together didn’t turnout so great. The last two to show up did turn up in the pictures. I’m assuming it was because they were further away in the distance. As for the video, my hands were very shaky from the excitement of this event, and ended up with an 8 second video that was very shaky.

About myself, I am a caregiver for develop mentally disabled adults. I have been a caregiver for the past ten plus years. As far as believing in the supernatural, I want to believe, and this is the first encounter I have ever experienced. I don’t know if there is any explanation for this or not, but I saw this and it was very incredible. I’ll probably never see this kind of event again, so I took some subpar pictures to prove it.