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Occurred : 5/4/2012 15:00 (Entered as : 05/04/2012 15:00)
Reported: 5/4/2012 9:42:24 PM 21:42
Posted: 5/13/2012
Location: Centre, AL
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:15 minuts
Three large UFO's fly over Centre, Alabama

At about 3 pm on 5/4/2012, I was sitting outside at an RV park enjoying the view at Weiss Lake in Centre, Alabama. I was looking East up in the sky as I often do, and noticed a white object high above the lake. For a brief second I thought it was an airplane. When I realized that it could be a UFO, I walked out on the deck to get a better look at it. The object was quite high up in the sky, yet it appeared to be very long. It occured to me at that time that it was very large. It had columns or windows from one end to the other. There was no sound as it moved in a seemingly staight line. I stood there watching it for about three minutes. I know that UFO's are known to travel in groups, so I looked all around the object to see if there were any others. That was when I noticed another one about a half mile in front of the first one. It looked exactly like the first one. I then focused on the first one again because it was the closest one to me. All! of a sudden it seemed to disappear right before my eyes. The sky at that location was clear and blue with no clouds nearby. I then looked quickly toward the other one just as it disappeared behind a small cloud. I waited a few minutes to see if it would reappear on the other side of the cloud, but it never did. A few minutes later my neighbor pulled up and I proceeded to tell him what I had seen. All of a sudden I saw another one. My neighbor also saw it from a distance and dismissed it as a probable airplane. I borrowed his binoculars and headed back over to the dock. As I was trying to focus in on the object, all of a sudden all I could see through the binoculars was a white haze, so I put them down and looked up again. This one had disappeared just as the other two had. It was in about the same location as the first one, so again, there were no clouds nearby. I am certain that the three objects were not airplanes, but UFO's.