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Occurred : 5/13/2012 01:00 (Entered as : 05/13/2012 01:00)
Reported: 5/14/2012 7:11:18 PM 19:11
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Williams (25 Miles East of), AZ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1.5 seconds
Extremely Large Triangluar Craft Travelling at Enormous Rate of Speed

This is a first hand account from one of the observers: Just after Midnight local time while driving Westbound on Interstate 40, approximately 20-30 miles east of Williams, AZ an extremely large object or objects (0.75 - 1.25 miles wide) consisting of three circular white lights in a triangluar formation was observed travelling due West at an unbelievable rate of speed (3000+ MPH).

While the sighting was very brief, lasting only 1 - 1.5 seconds, it was concluded that the object or objects were either entering or leaving the atmosphere due to the direction of travel and angle from the horizon. The size and speed were approximated by comparing their size in the night sky relative to the distance from the observation point.

No sounds were heard and the object(s) did not leave any trail(s). It was 1 and 1/2 hours before moonrise, without a cloud in the sky. Visibility was excellent, and light pollution was virtually non-existent. It was too dark and the object or objects travelling too fast to verify the shape or outline of a craft, or whether is was three distinct crafts flying in formation, but both witnesses believe it was one craft with three propulsion devices aligned in a triangluar formation since the distance between the three lights remained constant.

Just prior to the sighting, I-40 Westbound was closed for over 1 hour due to a tractor-trailer truck fire, and the sighting occurred 15-20 miles West of the truck fire, about 15 minutes after the road was re-opened.

Both witnesses described the exact same event whereas the object seemingly traveled from one point to another in the sky along a Westward linear path, without leaving any path or trail in between the two instances in which it was seen. It's not known whether or not this "jumping" from one point to another seemingly instantaneously is because the object was simply travelling too fast to be properly observed by the unaided eye or because of some other reason.

Two witnesses each saw the object independent of one and other and both were equally as awestruck, dumbfounded, and unsure of exactly what they had seen.