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Occurred : 5/12/2012 21:30 (Entered as : 05/12/12 21:30)
Reported: 5/15/2012 3:34:39 PM 15:34
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Pearland, TX
Shape: Circle
Duration:5-8 min
2 red, orange, yellow balls hovering then flying away in hyper-speed

5/15/12 My sighting occurred on 5/12/12 around 21:30 hours. I was with my boyfriend on our way to pick up my dog at the veterinary hospital I work at. The location is Harkey Rd. and Broadway St. We were in the turning lane on Broadway waiting to turn left onto Harkey Rd. when I looked out of the driver side window and saw two balls of red orange and yellow lights in the night sky. It was very dark outside. The sky was black with no clouds. The lights were flickering but you could always see one of the colors. I am an avid sky watcher I live less than 20 miles from a very busy airport and am always looking at the airplanes and for those blinking red and blue lights to be sure. The lights I saw were nowhere near what I see on a regular basis when I go outside at night. They caught my eye because there were two of them and they started out with the right one higher than the left however when I reached to get my camera they were already flying at the same height in seconds.

The lights were positioned over a neighborhood located on the right side of Harkey Rd. which goes south. They appeared to be farther out than right above the neighborhood. I recorded video footage that shows them flashing on and off and hovering next to each other. They stayed in this position for approximately 2 minutes. We pulled into the parking lot of my work with the front of the vehicle facing east. The objects were southwest so I had to turn my head to look out the window. I was still recording them at this time but in the video you couldn’t make them out any more so I turned it off. I could still see them with the naked eye but they were dimming. They were still in the same position as before. We pulled further into the parking lot, and in the ten seconds it took to do that while looking away, the lights were now higher in the sky and positioned straight south directly in my view of the passenger window, with the front of our vehicle still facing east.

The lights were now further apart with one below the other. I watched one and my boyfriend watched the other. I didn’t know we were watching the different lights until about 15 seconds later the light I was watching disappeared and appeared to head straight south. The one my boyfriend was watching zoomed east in what he described as “hyper-speed”.

Update: On 5/14/12 at approximately 22:45 hours we were driving east on Broadway St. a few miles from the location of my original sighting two days ago. I noticed an orange light looking out of the passenger window southeast. In the few seconds it took me to lean forward and look to my right where the orange light had been it was gone. It was located in the same vicinity of my last sightings. I also noticed an airplane was flying southwest at the same time I saw the orange light. They were a considerable distance apart.