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Occurred : 4/11/2002 14:00 (Entered as : 4/11/2002 14:00)
Reported: 5/20/2012 10:45:05 PM 22:45
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Midland, TX
Duration:5 minutes
White light establishes message to two witnesses in Texas

I am submitting this report to the National UFO Reporting Center This may seem far fetched, but this is a true account of what has happened.

This report shall include only six experiences, three of which have witnesses.

I do recognize that its arrival to you is not in a timely fashion as one would expect, yet its relevance to today is key.

One experience considered A by this report took place in 1966 while outside my grandmother’s house in Texas. As my brothers, sister and myself were playing in the summer evening, we were playing hide and seek.

The spot to count was at the front steps of the the front portch of the house. After counting, I said ready or not here I come! What took place next as I glanced up to the peak of my grandmother’s house, I noticed a light. What seemed interesting to me was that it appeared to be coming closer.

I watched as the light grew larger as it appeared to be coming directly to me. I wasn’t afraid but curious. It suddenly was directly above the house approximately 50ft in the air.

It was completely silent. What I saw was a craft about the size of the house, I know this because it hovered above moving forward as if it was looking at me. I was able to see all the detail and other lights of different colors.

As I looked at its detail while it hovered forward which lasted about thirty seconds, it quickly shot upward disappearing.

I saw, they thought it silly and discounted it as childhood imagination.

Another incident considered B of this report took place on February 9, 1971 in California.

I had turned eight the day before, which really didn’t change anything. It seemed I was always in trouble. That evening nothing really changed. I remember observing the T.V. glow coming through the closed door jam while crying myself to sleep.

Close Encounter: February 9, 1971 I awoke from deep sleep - - - somehow completely awake. It was dark as all the lights were out. I looked at the closed door in silence. I didn’t know why I suddenly became awake, but what did become apparent was that the closed door became transparent and disappeared. I was able to see the coffee table and the couch in the living room. As I looked I could hear what I recognize as energy becoming present accompanied by a light.

The light expanded from the midst of the living room completely filling its area with a pure white presence. Nothing else became visible in its presents.

I sat upon my bed, I remember looking at my hands being lightened up by the light. The lights refective beauty was only visible upon the bunk bed I was on.

While looking directly into the light, I couldn’t help but feeling closeness, as if I was seeing an old friend.

The light was not blinding, as its presence expressed peace. After a few minutes of what I call a light bath, the bed moved. I looked upward and noticed my brother glancing to look down at me. It was obvious that he too, was witnessing the light.

He looked toward the light as if wondering about its presents. He also wasn’t fearful. He glanced back at me as if to verify what he was witnessing. It felt good to see his smile as he noticed the smile on my face. We both smiled.

In a little while my brother and I witnessed the light implode. Its memory is unforgettable.

The importance of what took place was a question to my mind, but it would not provide relevance until later that morning.

By naïve perception, its reality couldn’t be comprehended by those whose experience it wasn’t.

Within myself I recognized its significance, but could others? My brother and myself tried telling our father about what had happened, but he didn’t believe us.

February 9, 1971 at 6:02 a.m. The Sylmar earthquake 6.6-7.

Reagan declared state of emergency.

I remember the aftershocks continuing through-out the morning. I knew within my being that it was related. The light imparted that seed of reality. A communication if you will as that which would be unfolded in the future.

As a child I was yet to recognize the importance of that experience, even though the reality of the experience existed in what was unfolding. Was it a glimpse of what the future could experience? Are we destined to that result by our ignorance of the reality of the essence of the light? A universal secret was that communication which would reveal itself in proper time to be united with another experience in the future. I needed first to experience the result of its misuse by mankind.

March 1971 C: Approximately one month had gone by. My father had decided to move the beds around after the earthquake. No longer on the bunk bed, I was now sleeping on a twin close to the window.

I awoke to see a light orb appear in the room. It was small in size, approximately the size of a basketball. It was floating silently in the air.

Because of the experience of February 9th, and the ridicule I experienced by my father, I was unsure of what to do. I pulled my cover over me and waited a couple of minutes. Bringing the cover back down that I can see, I noticed it was gone. I fell back to sleep.

About a week later, another orb appeared just as before only it was hovering moving slowly left to right. Instead of pulling the sheet over me I turned my back, that I face away closing my eyes, hoping it would go away as before. After a few minutes, I turned to see it was gone. I fell asleep.

Approximately one week later it happened again. This time remembering how the light of February 9th and how I wasn’t afraid, I decided to watch what it does.

As I watched, it floated in the air silently slowly traveling to each of from my brother’s beds. What was it doing? I wondered. Soon it was at the foot of my bed where it stopped.

I looked at its light wondering what it would do next. It was obviously trying to show me something. But what? I then noticed that it began to travel very slowly alongside my bed.

It was coming closer in a way not to alarm me. As it approached close to where my head was resting I positioned myself to get a better look.

It hovered along side as I looked at it. As I was facing its presence, It inched forward closer to my head resting only about four inches from my face. I looked at it with no fear, but with curiosity. What was it seeing? And what part did I have to do with it? After about two minutes it disappeared. I was now in the darkness of the night. I lay there, wondering if I should say anything. I soon fell asleep.

Nothing of this nature would happen again, except that I would experience moments of seeing into the future as if the light imparted within me a gift, which I know is a different subject than UFO’s, but it is related.

Beginning in the month of April 2001 a motivation toward numbers began within me. I was compelled to write it down.

What would soon unfold was a sequence of numbers I’m sure was imparted to me February 9, 1971 but held dormant until this process, and that its essence I would discover was base providing germ concept as source to all sacred within all religions.

It even reflected the floor plan of the temple at Luxor. What I soon realized, was that its structure had been used by all ancient peoples and was not limited to religion. I developed various charts to show there correlation with number.

August 16, 2001, D: While outside in my yard, my wife and I were staring up at the night sky, when a light was moving up above in was coming downward. It stopped as if noticing my telling my wife to look. It began to slowly move westward, I mention to my wife that it was as if it was knowledgeable of us looking at it. It immediately shot away.

(Channeling) September 1, 2001 E: While instructing my wife to dial my ex-wife that I may talk to her, she accidentally dialed 911 instead of the area code 915, she hung up, Immediately a call came back from the call center asking if we dialed 911, she told them it was an error. I confirmed that it was an error. They said that an officer would never the less show up to verify.

It frustrated me that they wouldn’t listen. I walked over and leaned against a shelf, while my wife was on the phone with them. The shelf dislodged and collapsed, causing a crashing noise. The woman on the other end of the phone asked what that noise was.

We tried explaining what it was, and that no officers were needed.

She said they were outside. They verified that nothing was wrong and left.

Suddenly as if being channeled through my mind was a warning. I immediately told my wife to call back as I had a real EMERGENCY to reveal. After contacting dispatch I proceed to describe that something terrible was about to take place and that thousands were going to die. That there would be twenty bombers involved. Details are on the 911 recording. I was instructed to tell the responding officers.

The responding supervisor with the local sheriff’s office heard me out. He told me that there was nothing he could do. As far as he was concerned, he hadn’t heard anything from his bossed to forewarn about something about to happen.

I pleaded with him to listen, as this was very real. I’m sure he thought I was crazy. He chose to ignore what I was saying. As they walked away, I pleaded with them to listen and do something. They said there is nothing they could do, as they got into their patrol cars. I began to yell at the top of my lungs, “Your wrong, Your wrong, people are going to die. They never the less drove off. We all know what happened n September 11 2001.

F: April 11, 2002 Being outside in our yard with my son, my wife and my two dogs, I was looking up at the clouds. They looked normal as cloud cover could be, but they began to change, becoming a blanket of clouds in square formations.

Much more than I have explained in the past, I give detail here.

Within me was a confidence of peace and discovery, for I welcomed its appearance.

I recognized that something was not in the realm of natural expression.. A power not recognized was manipulating the clouds structure. What power established this I asked myself.

Soon it developed two points of rotation which was witnessed by my son. Its development gave expression of creation process as I would discover. (The summary process is described within a publication) I needed to bring this knowledge into our current reality.

What ultimately took place, was that which can be likened from Isaiah 44:8: “Drop down from above O heavens and let the cloud pour down righteousness. Let the earth open and let salvation bear fruit and let righteousness sprout together. [……] Woe to him who fights with his former” I really do care what you do with this report. What is done about it will reflect the future of mankind. It is a choice after all.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))