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Occurred : 5/18/2012 21:00 (Entered as : 05/18/2012 21:00)
Reported: 5/21/2012 11:37:23 AM 11:37
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: League City, TX
Shape: Fireball
8 unexplained Orange lights in a zig zag row on May 18, 2012, League City, TX

Me and my husband were sitting at a red light at the FM518 & 270 intersection. I was going to make a left hand turn on to 518 toward 2094 when I saw 8 bright orange lights in the sky directly in front of us. It was 8 lights in a zig zag pattern in a row moving slowely. Our light turned green and we decided to make a slight right onto 518 and turn into the Sonic there. We stopped and parked in the back they seemed so close and flying close to each other. We starred completly puzzled trying to figure out what they could be...I have never believed in UFO's or things like this, but I have been unable to find any answers as to what it was? It seems like once they hit the same spot in the sky they started to disappear. Even if there were bright orange as these lights were I would assume we would have still been able to see a slight aura if they disappeared due to clouds, but we did not see anything it was as if they just vanished?!?!?