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Occurred : 5/21/2012 10:05 (Entered as : 05/21/12 10:05)
Reported: 5/21/2012 8:53:58 PM 20:53
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Riverside, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:40 minutes
Flying Orb videoed and photographed over Mt Rubidoux in Riverside, CA.

My friend and I were walking home from downtown Riverside, CA. At approximately 10:05 am today, May 21, 2012. I looked up and saw a round white orb floating/hovering in the sky over Mt.Rubidoux...just a little to the right of a small dead tree on the side of the mountain. To be honest, I was just planning to look at the mountain as I have a thing for mountains. I looked at the orb like floating object for a moment and finally told my friend to look up as the object appeared to just be hovering. After about 20 seconds, I decided to pull out my Kodak Play Sport Camera...that I always carry with me as I love to take pictures of my surroundings. I started filming; however, I did not have my glasses on and could not see anything through my view finder, thus I only took a 19 second video clip from this vantage point. The friend I was with suggested, I take still photos rather than video (which can be heard on the video) and then look at them when I get home to se! e what the object is by zooming in on the object if I actually got it in the picture frame.

At first, I thought...maybe it is a star...but I love looking into the sky at daytime and night time, yet I have never seen a star in this location at this time during the day. Due to the brightness, maybe it could be a meteor...but this had no tail, nor did it appear to be moving. Then the idea of a plane was in my mind...but again...this object was was not flying in any direction when I first started my observation. Eventually, I thought it could be a balloon...but again...the object just did not move up or down nor did it move side to was stationary for at least 10 minutes before it began to very slowly move in a northward direction. I then thought...maybe it is a weather balloon...but did not move and it appeared to be too low for this type of activity. Additionally, the object was too high to be a hot air balloon. The object itself over the 40 minute time frame appeared to be round but could change from triangle, square o! r diamond shape.

Now over the next 40 minutes, my friend and I walked from Mt. Rubidoux …to the Carlson Bark Park and across the bridge to a fast food place (Baker's) on Mission Blvd. After exiting Baker’s we walked up to Limonite. During that walk, I took 12 still pictures from different locations and 2 separate being 19 seconds long and the other being 39 seconds long. I personally would have watched this object even longer and taken more photos and videos if my friend was not wanting so much to get home before the heat became unbearable...after all, we were on a 6 mile walk. Yet in the time we did look at this object, it did eventually move northward very fact, we went into Baker's and when exiting about 10 minutes later, we could still see the orb nearing the mountains near Ontario or Fontana.

Also, during our viewing, I saw at least 2 airliner (jets) fly commercial jets did have an opportunity to witness this object as well. As far as making any noise...neither of us heard anything. Eventually, I lost sight of the orb once I got to Limonite and the sun was in my eyes...making it too difficult to see at this point. However, I do have to say, when I got home and looked at my photos something interesting appears. Remember, at the time, I saw only one object...and that is also noted in the first 19 second video; however, in my first still picture...there is a second object off to the right and when zoomed in you can see a very solid object and yet when I took my second still picture...the second object is gone. We are talking literally seconds from picture to picture and I did not see or hear anything at the time. Yet for this object to be missing in the video and then in the first picture but not in the second picture it had to be traveling so fast that we j! ust could not have seen it.

That is it. So yes, I do have pictures and videos from different locations and I used trees, telephone poles, light poles and the mountain as reference it can be verified by qualified researchers. I also did not erase them from my camera, so if real scientist would like to observe it and get the data and meta data from the original pictures and video they have that to reference as well. I would send in the pictures and videos but I only want them studied and verified by qualified professionals at this time until I can get proper copyrights on the video and photos.

Witness A – 45 yr old, Male, Former US Army Intelligence Analyst who served with the 75th Ranger Rgt, 10th Mtn. Div. and 18th MI Bn.. Was also a former Sheriff’s Deputy and holds an AA degree in Information Technology.

Witness B – 42 yr old Male, a business owner and holds an AA degree in Electronics.