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Occurred : 5/24/2001 22:00 (Entered as : 05/24/2001 22:00)
Reported: 5/25/2012 7:46:44 AM 07:46
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Murphy, NC
Shape: Light
Duration:about 10 minutes
I saw a flashing light move in all directions across the sky, then in a final bright flash it was gone.

It was about 10:00 last night, and I walked outside to smoke a cigarette. I saw what I thought was an airplane off in the distance. It was too far to make out a shape, and all I saw was a flashing light. It was heading south bound at a pretty high rate of speed when i just stopped and started heading north bound. Again, it stopped and just sat there. I went inside to get my grandmother just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. When she came outside, it was still sitting in the same spot, and after about 3 or 4 minutes it began to move up and down. We were both perplexed as to what could be flying like this, so we went and got my step mother. She too thought it was weird. It was flying in very odd patterns. like zig zags, and in circles, and straight up and down. They finally got bored with watching it, but I stayed outside. It had been blinking the whole time, but after about 4 minutes of them going inside, it had an extremely bright flash and it was gone.