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Occurred : 5/24/2012 19:00 (Entered as : 05/24/2012 19:00)
Reported: 5/25/2012 10:19:02 AM 10:19
Posted: 6/2/2012
Location: Wallaceburg (Canada), ON
Shape: Changing
Duration:1/2 a minute
A shape changing silver white UFO that changed into seven distinct forms (one with a big light at the top) in a matter of moments.

Seven Changes in Fifty Steps or Less! I was walking back home from the convenience store just across the rural road. Our not too long driveway is almost directly aligned with the driveway of the convenience store. In other words, a hop, skip and jump away from my door.

As I was almost out of the parking lot to go and cross the road, I looked up and seen a silver white airplane that was about the size of a commuter plane. I wondered what it was doing flying so low in this area. It seemed to be over the bush between our road and the road behind our backyard. This "plane" began changing form.

Between these distinct forms, it was difficult to see any form distinctly changing except for when the "helicopter blades" seemingly went back into the form before it finally became cigar shaped. Instead of looking like playdough being reformed by invisible hands, instead, it was only grayish or hazy with an indistinct moving form on the outline of the shape. Between indescribable shapes between the indistinct shapes, it did keep a white silver changing shape body of the same size as the original "plane". The final cigar shape was about the length and fullness of the original "plane" body. I only stopped looking at it once, briefly, to make sure I could safely cross the road.

All of this shape changing took place in the length of time it takes for about fifty steps tops. The thing remained a silvery white color throughout the different shapes. Despite hurrying up, I lost sight of it when it went behind the trees in the backyard.

The different shapes and order are as follows: 1. Very low flying airplane shape. It was so low that I thought it was unusual and kept watching it. It was faintly luminescent whitish silver in color. The "plane" began to lose its details somehow yet kept its shape somehow. I could not seem to really get a grip on its form as it began to change enough for me to catch on that I could be seeing something unusual that I should just watch instead of trying to make sense of it. It was astonishing and my eyes kept trying to make sense of it between shapes.

2. Three pronged shape without the full body of the airplane shape. It more resembled the thin body of the musical triangle only the three lines formed a wide bird foot or pronged triangle shape.

3. A spinning bangle bracelet type shape attached by a few thin rods to a shape changing smaller thing at the bottom. It was sort of like a snow cone shaped frame attached at the point to an egg or some form that always kept changing shape.

4. At the top of the snow cone frame appeared a large oval light. It was also silver light and while it seemed like a light, it did not illuminate the still very bright early evening that would soon become twillight.

5. A clear helicopter form that at one point seemed upside down as the small shape at the bottom of the snow cone became bigger. It was a definite helicopter form with the whirly blades shape above it. I do not know if the blade shapes were actually whirling. Rather, I was watching as the nose of the "helicopter" became more detailed in its shape. In contrast, the spinning bracelet from which the light appeared in number four appeared to be moving in a more obvious way.

6. A cigar shape with a few small shapes with/or little projections on the body of it.

7. These little shapes on cigar shape disappeared right before it went behind the trees. It was then just a smooth white silver cigar the last time I saw the UFO.