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Occurred : 6/19/2012 22:45 (Entered as : 061912 22:45)
Reported: 6/20/2012 12:21:38 PM 12:21
Posted: 6/20/2012
Location: Bettendorf, IA
Shape: Light
Duration:45 seconds
Distant white "stars" moving across the sky typically S of the big dipper.

I have been witnessing what appears to be distant white "stars" moving with controlled flight paths in the sky usually S of the big dipper. These "stars" appear to be very high up and cross great portions of the sky in a matter of seconds. This has been consistently observed on clear nights and at varying times (9:30PM - 3:30AM).

The first incident was on 6/10 at approximately 3:30AM. I witnesses two distant white "stars" moving SE in the sky on paths where it appeared they could meet. After about 15 seconds, they appeared to almost meet. One turned very bright white as it stopped for a couple seconds and headed directly N across the entire sky in approximately 30 seconds before disappearing in to the horizon. There were no erratic flight paths observed, just a short stop and a 90 degree change in flight. The other "star" maintained its path and was also lost in to the horizon. I can honestly rule out meteors or satellites by the distance, speed, no tracking lights, and directional flight/color change of the "stars."

The incident on 6/19 was similar, but involved two moving "stars" at separate times. The first was seen flying E to W.

A few hours later I witnessed the second. This was a very distant "star" that flew S to N and either stopped or disappear directly S of the big dipper. I did not see it continue past that area in the sky. I maintained observation of the area, and approximately 5 minutes later witnessed the "star" reappear from the same area and cross the sky heading N in a matter of seconds.

I have seen this on other nights and witnessed identified aircraft (shape,sound, tracking lights) flying toward or away from the Quad City Airport at a low altitude as a "star" flew far far above, but in a similar relative direction.

These "stars" are so distant that they can likely be observed in other states. Just scale the sky facing W where the big dipper is to your right, observe S, and you will be able to see this for yourself! Some times, I have seen movement within seconds of being outside! It will take a very high powered camera to record this activity.

((NUFORC Note: Overflight of satellites, we wonder? PD) )