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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/29/1981 00:00 (Entered as : 09/29/1981 0:00)
Reported: 6/20/2012 11:59:26 PM 23:59
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Edina, MN
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 hour
I am an extraterrestrial human being. The spacecraft that I came from is referenced by numerous cultures around the earth. From the ancient Egyptians who have a representation of the craft on king Tutankhamun's Golden Throne to the Chinese who represent the craft with a trigram theory and the theory of the life cycle central to martial arts, and from ancient Israel which has a representation of the craft in the Torah and hidden within the Torah Code to the ancient Mayans who made the Mayan Calendar which represent the craft.

The spaceship is represented by the ancient Egyptians on Tutankhamun’s Golden Throne (5). On the left side of the backrest of the throne is an image of the spaceship’s floor plan. At the center of the floor plan is the circular table and the profile image of the table is shown rising from the center of the circle. Under that symbol is a profile of an inner rectangular wall section; and under that are curved profiles which represent the view screen in the craft. The floor plan is also represented by the Aten symbol at the top and center of the backrest, and there the circle represents the table from the top view and the lines extending from it represents the floor sections. The open gold rectangle made around the central Aten represents the entryway into the space craft. On the left side of the backrest Tutankhamun is shown seated in the Throne with darkened skin exposed because that is the location of the black thrones in the spacecraft as seen from the perspective of on! e entering it, and that is what signifies him as an important space being.

The ancient Mayan Calendar (3) represents the spaceship as well. The circular center represents the table, and the surrounding rectangular signs patterned around it represent the walls. The solar light rays represent the table profile. As in the Golden Throne image in the left side of the backrest, the Mayan Calendar also represents the rectangular entryway on the top and the curved view screen under the centered face of the sun.

Here is my account of being on a space craft. I walk through the entryway in space. The entryway is black and rectangular, and it is a part of the wall. The wall parts are black, rectangular, and smooth; and the rectangular parts are patterned around a central white table so that the wall is a polygon. The rectangular wall parts are similar in proportion of width to the width of my shoulders, and similar in proportion of height to the height of my body from bottom to top.

In white robes I walk forward through the entryway in which my body fits comfortably. I walk toward the white table which is about the height of my wrists from the ground. The white table is circular and gently curves outward from bottom to top, and the top diameter is larger than the bottom diameter. At the top of the table the circle is extruded a small amount to make a side, and the diameter of the top surface is about the width of my shoulders, and the bottom diameter is about the width of my feet. Around the axis of the table there are lines which extend to the wall and between the thin lines which can appear white there are wide black wedge shaped floor sections which mate perfectly with the polygon wall.

I look to my left and I see multiple black thrones located at the wall and which are patterned partially around. The thrones are far away because the room is so large, and in the thrones are sitting people. I continue walking and a woman walks in a straight line behind me from my left side to my right side. I approach the clean white table whose surface is empty and I walk right around the table and I stop walking while I am one fourth of the way around the circumference. At that point I have a conversation with another man wearing white robes. Together both of us walk toward the front of the room where a view screen appears.

The view screen appears to curve around the joining of the floor to the wall yet appears flat when looking at it. On the screen I see the Earth and I see that I am in space. Next on the view screen I see the future life I am to have. I am told of the importance of my mission. I contemplate my decision. The glory and importance are attractive, the pain and suffering are not. I do not fear the dangers that I am told of. The importance of my life is high enough that I feel the need to live it. I make my decision of my own free will to live the life I have seen. I am told that our armada of space crafts will be arriving at the Earth within my lifetime. I speak with the other man in the white robe to the right of the view screen.

When I have completed speaking with him I proceed to my right and walk close to the polygon wall noticing the precision joining of the floor and the wall. The floor looks like the ancient Egyptian Aten and the wall looks like the inside of a Jewish synagogue. I walk toward another man who is touching one of the rectangular wall parts; the touch screen computer is black and resembles the ones in Star Trek TNG. I am located to the front and right of the entryway. I levitate upward and I am transformed into light and energy. My soul is free and I look down at the room from above and I feel as though I am seeing myself when I enter the room. I look forward at the view screen and I begin moving very fast. Suddenly I am inside the womb of my mother on the Earth. I am pleased. I am delighted to again walk the Earth.