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Occurred : 5/4/2007 10:00 (Entered as : 5/4/2007 10:00)
Reported: 6/22/2012 2:25:56 AM 02:25
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Derbyshire (UK/England),
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4 minutes
Hello The reason for any delay in sending this is what you covered on coast to coast 20/6/2012.

The event was seeded in my mind because things happening around the time was a life changing exprence, as a close friend was terminaly ill and me and another friend was going to see him on what was his last time out with what we call over here, the lads.

The friend I was with at the time was first to notice the fireball his reaction was, (tell me I carnt see that) as I looked up I confirmed I could see what I he could see.

We both stood there stareing at this thing for quite some time around 4-5 minites. A bright orange glow just hovering in the sky to us it looked to us about the size of a coin. I drive a truck at night and I am fimiliar with chinese laterns, metor falls and such so it was unusual. After the time lapsed it shot off from a hovering position to great speed to the east.

My friend I was with at the time has a job high up in local government and I broke into conversation about the event only to be told abruptly, I dont want to talk about it.

Some months later the same thing was caught on a mobile camera in the same town it was on the local news (Shirebrook ufo) and it could still be on youtube.

If I could add a few other events around the same time the dates a fuzzy because I wittnessed two other events in the same time, a few months part.

Before the above I was coming home from the local pizza house around 5pm Febuary sunset and as per usual in England it was overcast grey skys I was looking up for some reason don’t know why but there was a break in the clouds in that break was what I can only describe as two missshapen Z very bright glowing pink hovering in a semetrical position I sat on a wall watched them till the clouds covered them, then went home. Never seen anything like it before or after. Could be explained by flares used by the millitary but I think not.

After the above in the summer I took out the binocillors to look at chem trails in the sky and seen a object with straight edges and ends, high up in the sky at what height Im unsure but I would suggest the same as a plane would travel 30,000ft but if that’s correct the object would have had great length but only the width of a 737 the length would have been x10 of a 737 after watching the object for some time quite some time because my arms started to ache I just shook my head and went in the house and told the wife. For that time in my life it just seemed the norm.

Saddly as I mentioned I drive a truck at night my window screen is 7.5ft in length about 4ft high Ive seen nothing in the last 4 years apart from metor showers and shooting stars, chinese laterns.

I am 53 years old next birthday and quite accomplished in life own properites and comfortable with all aspects of it, My explanation for these events is the state of mind I was researching most of what Alex Jones talks about on his show and it took me down a rabbit hole and to topics which ranges from ancient civilations to secret societies and much more, all I craved for was knowledge I felt enlightened and wanted more like a drug addict would want there next fix. Sceptics would argue that yes it was my state of mind, a over active imagination but saddly its not, I want to be a sceptic but I can not.