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Occurred : 6/24/2011 19:00 (Entered as : 06-24-11 19:00)
Reported: 6/22/2012 6:16:51 AM 06:16
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Amargosa Valley, NV
Shape: Other
Duration:20 minutes
Im a truck driver.I picked up my load in Kingman.Az. I was to deliver it to Reno Nev.

This means My delivery rout would be Hwy 95 North.

I've taken this rout many times. It's two lane hwy through Nevada's Mean desert.

You better have water. A beutiful drive never the less. I made it through Vegas ok.

through Indian springs Nev now the quiet land starts. I remember the roads were packed.Holiday traffic I gess. Some times being a drivers suckes they give you just enough time to get there thats all.

I was listening to the Vegas A.M raido station and My cb raido of course. Thats How we keep each other safe. No wind,blue skys a great day.

There's a Cattle gaurd and a pink bar on the right. And another wood looking store on the left. And a great big sign that say's "Last Chance Before Area 51" theres a big sign with some kind of alien smilling on it. I passed that...

An ...things just did'nt make sence any more. Oh the raido was still on. I could here drivers helping moter homes to pass. But somthing changed.

There was no more traffic. I was all alone. Hell who am I to complain... Then I saw a stealth hilocopter,just off my driver side window. about 50 feet off the ground.Hell I laughted through them a wave, just a couple of our boys have'n a little fun. You know military messin with with the drivers. But there was somthin worng.

I looked again,they were gone.I drove a little while longer.And they reapered on my passenger side in the same stealth hillocoper.But this time I could see It... It it was not a hellocoper at all it was the image of a hello being projected on some other type of craft. The sun was setting about 10 oclock and the small ship could not manifest the strenght of the sun.

I am a big man. Yet I sit in sweat.and fear. I am Afraid to go outside my house.

I dont know how. The next thing I knew I was stoped.You just dont stop a semi.

But I was stopped never the less.

On the side of the road.Now Im makeing a sandwitch.I was angry cause I was getting bread crumbs on the floor.But I had no bread.

I looked up and I saw great fire works in the sky. I could here some kind of bleed over on my am/cb raido.sounded like,Have you ever picked the phone while on the inter net? but a gazillon times faster. My mind was taken.I thought,Hey you know they have those burning man festivals out here maby thats what it was. But the fire works were on a like a tv screen. Ya My mind wAS taken. So now Im putting mayo on my sandwitch. ahhhhhh. Im a Mirical whip kind of person. I looked up again I was fighting. Fighting, and I saw it.It was a city size ship about 3.5 miles thick in the center about 1 mile thick around the edge. It looked like a jiant sized cookie, with a 747 airplain wing stuck on the back end of it.A tail wing. I realized I was not seeing fire works.but a gient picture being projected on the ships skin. This ship could be 500 feet above your feet and all you would see is birds clouds or at night stars.

It disappered over a foot hill heading north.The next thing I knew.All of sudden I was driving again like I never stopped. And there was no sandwitch. Good thing I would not have eatin it any way.

Boy I was furious I slamed on the breakes and this time pulled over. I felt as if I was mind raped.Then this feeling came over me. As If someone was talking to me but I could not see.They said this was to keep me safe. I was hauling hasmat and I could not pass under the ship. It was to keep me safe.

I got out of the truck and ran and ran now the sun was just set chaseing after the ship. Daddy. I got to the top of the foot hill my tracks are still there this day and I saw.

They lied. There was a problem with there clocking device. I saw the city ship it looked liked it had a big flat screen tv wraped arournd it. A greyish dule kind of color.With milions of little bubbles on the skin. for 3d my gess.

I saw 4 sawser ships and two sigar ships to the right. They all seemed to be sitting on some type of mat. The mat was mabey a 16 mile cover up layed out on the bed of a dry looked like the same material that covered the ships.I saw buildings and they were all covered with the same material.There were people running around yelling.Some type of german/asturin I dont know.Germin Id say but I dont know Germin. They had on what looked like pajamas,Bagie. The same kind of material,but baggie. They had on what looked like tankes on there backes like scuba but for land.

And they had on big goggles.they were running around yelling.the whole thing kept fazzing in and out.Then It all just dissapeared.I knew they knew I was there.

I ran to my truck,I lost 2 hrs 36 that day. and have no prof,of anything.

evey thing has been fixed.

I herd the host of this site talking on a raido show. he said nobody ever reports. If they only knew.