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Occurred : 7/1/2012 22:30 (Entered as : 07/01/12 22:30)
Reported: 7/1/2012 10:09:21 PM 22:09
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Taylor, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:45 seconds
7-1-12 Orange lights spotted over Taylor,Mi near Metro Airport

I was in my backyard watching firework's on all sides of me.(Near Metro Airport over Taylor,Mi) I looked up to the West and saw 2 orange light's heading East (toward's me). The lights were traveling low and slow, no sound was heard at all.

I hurried inside, to get my wife, I felt like I needed somebody to tell me that what I was seeing was real!

When I came back outside I was the first one there, just in time to see the (balls of light) go behind a large cottonwood tree!

So my wife nor any of my 3 daughters,that followed me outside,saw anything. My wife may think I'm crazy, but I know I saw something unexplainable.

I watched that tree for 1- 1-1/2 and never saw the lights re-emerge!

They just disappeared.

What the heck? Just wondering if anybody else out there witnessed the same thing? I know I am not crazy.