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Occurred : 6/17/2011 00:00 (Entered as : 6/17/11 0:00)
Reported: 7/1/2012 11:10:22 PM 23:10
Posted: 7/4/2012
Location: Plum Boro, PA
Shape: Other
Green Triangle Craft 350 ft. above head.

I was driving home from work, it was about a year ago, the exact date was unknown, but I tried to post around the known time frame, at first I thought I was seeing things, and I was beyond terrified at first, I have seen one other unidentified flying object one time before this, but since after, I have been seeing an increasing amount, around once a month. But the object that I saw that night was the most outstanding of them all. It was around 11:30 to midnight, and I was on my way home from work, I was only 16 then, I was washing dishes, but I driving down a road called saltsburg road, when to my right side, high above the trees, I saw a green triangle of what seemed to be very BRIGHT LED lights, they were not flashing, they were a solid steady color. I pulled off the road into a little gardening center called schrams landscaping. I pulled over, and the object proceeded to slowly fly over the church on the hilltop and slowly coast towards me. The objecy did not directly fly over my head, but about 150ft out in thr front of me.

As scared as I was, I proceeded to stand and watch the object. I continued to slowly float across the road infront of me and fly into the woods across the street. I stood and watched the object about scared beyond my self control. The object stopped in mid-air, and floated there for around 5-10 seconds, it then slowly decended maybe about 50 feet, the object was probaly only 300-400 feet in the air, while the object decended, I quickly proceeded to run to my vehicle, and turned around to exam the object one more time. While doing so the triangle of brightly colored green LED lights, began to spin, it started off spinning slowly but quickly proceeded to accelerate. As it started to spin, the trianlge of green lights grew into a large circle of green lights, and began to spin at a high rate of speed, the faster the object to seemed to spin, the closer and closer that cirle of lights came to each other, t! he cirle grew smaller and smaller into one giant green light, I then h eard a woosh noise as if the wind were blowing, and the green light was completly gone, I then proceeded to drive home at a very fast unsafe rate of speed, constantly checking in the sky for this object to make sure it was not following me, when I got to my road I pulled over and checked one more time, and saw nothing, I quickly flew down my road and pulled into the driveay and checked one more time, saw nothing so I ran inside explaining to my mother and brother what I saw that night. It was absoloutly amazing, because this was not the first time I have seen unidentified flying craft, but after this, my sightings have increased alot. If I can explain here, I would like to explain some other odd sightings I have seen. The first UFO I have ever seen was in Murrysville PA, at a park called Townsend park, probaly around 7-8 p.m. It was my brothers boy scout meeting, and I wondered off to walk around, I saw these three white lights in the sky. They were extremly bright white lig! hts much like the ones I saw in july last year, but there were only three of them, in a perfect row, seperated equaly in the night sky. They were moving not at an excessive rate of speed, but quicker than most man powered aircraft. And the way these lights moved through the sky, is absoloutly undescribale, the only way I could ever show somone how they moved through the sky would be drawing it out step by step on paper. When I saw this, I didnt think too much on it, but after seeing the one last july, it really occured to me what I saw that night at the park. My second sighting was the green triangle of lights that flew above me that night in july. My third sighting, which didnt occur until early this spring was in april, exact date unknown, I know it was evening time, and I was taking the garbage down to the bottom of my driveway, and I saw a bright white star looking object in the sky, at first again I did not think much of it, but I still continued to watch it, because t! his time, this weird feeling overcame my whole body, a feeling! that af ter feeling it, i remeber I felt the both nights I saw the other two UFO's. I watched this object for about a minute, it sat steady in the evening sky, then it slowly flew very genly to the left, so slow it almost looked motionless, but I focused on the object and noticed it was slowly moving, then it flashed a very bright white, almost a blinding bright, I turned my face away from the light, I flinched because it was so sudden and bright, but when I looked for the object, I could no longer find it in the sky. My fourth sighting was back in May, It was evenging time again, and I was driving down Route 366 in murrysville pa. Out in the distance, I saw two lights hovering around, they gave off a bright whiteish bluish glow, the two objects were hovering in the sky together, slowly flying around each other, hovering for around a minute, the lights got a little bit brighter, but nothing too exsesive, they slowly flew close to each other, almost as if they joined into one object,! and it slowly hovered upwards into the sky for about 15 seconds, and then took off at an abnormal un-human rate of speed. It was almost an instant aceleration, into the sky, then about 30 or so seconds later, 3 military planes, couldnt ID. what kind of model planes, but they were larger looked like cargo planes, two engines on each wing, all flying in a cordinated group, flew over the highway, and proceeded towards where the objects were in the sky. Now what makes this sighting even more abnormal than it already is, is that my mother and brother were outside walking the dog, and they called me shortly after to tell me they saw a UFO and they now believe everything I have told them about what I saw. When I got home that night I had my mom explain fully what she saw, and what she described was exactly what I saw, I had her come outside and point to me where she saw them in the sky, and it matched perfectly with where I saw them, and both my mother and brother saw the lights,! and the planes. Now my 5th sighting wasa the night after this! , I saw the same EXACT two lights in the sky, the birght white/blue glowing balls. They were doing the same thing, but they were in the opposite side of the sky, the first night I saw them they were hovering in the westward are the sky, the second night they were eastward. I stopped and examined them, and showed my girlfriend them, she too saw them and was amazed. This time they were there for only a matter of maybe 15 seconds, and flew away. The night before they conjoined each other and flew away together, but the night after, they did not rejoin, but flew off with the same instant aceleration as the night before, but in total opposite directions. Since that night I have seen a few odd lights but nothing I can confirm like that, until tonight July 1st, I was on my way to work, I work outside of down town pittsburgh from 10-6 A.M. It was 9:23 P.M exactly, and in the very gently illuminated sky, I saw a bright oragne, firery object, slowly floating along the woods, I was a massive b! all of fire, but seemed to die down as flew downwards, and the fire proceeded to get brighter as it hovered upwards, I know that it was not a hotair baloon for the fact that it was close enough to see the shape of the obeject, it seemed to be a perfect golden colored cube, with fire surrounding it, and it slowly flew into the woods, then disapereared into the night time sky. This sighting tonight is the reason why I am reporting everything I have seen, and when I see more UFO's, I will be reporting them here. I hope my information is helping, and I hope it will do some justice. Thank you very much for taking your time to review this.